Thursday, October 31, 2013

A little Mickey BOO

Twenty Five years ago..
now THAT'S scary

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Into the Woods

Playing in a pretend wooded land 
with hidden deer and pixies

Trying to soothe myself...
How I wish I could take a real walk in the
woods of Pennsylvania.

Our family lost a dear friend last weekend.
Nathaniel was an artist, an educator, and a darling man.
I am blessed to have a painting he created just for me,
and hundreds of hand drawn or painted notes and letters.
He always remembered everyone's special days.
He was very much loved by his family,
and an entire college community of students, artists and friends.

He will be missed.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Homemade Halloween

(Pocohontas and a gameboy)

This year in the USA alone
2.6 billion will be spent on Halloween costumes 
330 million will be spent on pet costumes


When I think of the medical research 
that money would provide for, 
or the head start programs
that could be funded,
or benefits to disabled veterans...
(especially 330 mil for pet costumes...)
I feel a little sad and perplexed
at our priorities.

50's gal

We handmade our costumes at oldgreymare

tiger and a marionette

Dorothy and an I Mac

The sewing machine and glue guns would be in use for days

very little money spent,
lots of love invested
great memories

Sunday, October 20, 2013

He Cooks - Mama Snoozes

Ben was in town shooting the premier event for 
"Last Vegas" opening soon.
Convenient premier here in town to come see Mom
Is it a photo bomb when it is about you?

Adventurous cook always
Always loves to cook for me and others
He has a lucky girlfriend and friends 
Always delicious
Chicken with red peppers onions and lemon 
steamed in parchment
Paired with pasta made with basil,
 avocado and lemon pesto ( missed pic)

Loved this wine we tried..
then I needed a nap

He also makes a mess when he cooks 
and he always cleans it up.

Dearest son heads back home today...
60 some days till he's back for holidays,
and baby sister will be here also...
ding ding a ling
ding ding a ling

Brenda in Canada I am still trying to reach you.
Your email is corrupted somehow.
Please contact me using a different email.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Pumpkin Sale

Here are the last of the pumpkins.
 I've grouped them and they are on sale.
I made some for myself this year finally
and I do not wish to store any for next year's sales.
Shipping is priority usually 2 days...

Email me if interested 
First come...

1.) Orig 29.00 w/o shipping
Now 35.00 shipping included

2.) Orig 22.00 w/o shipping
Now 29.50 shipping included

3.) Orig 25.00 w/o shipping
Now 32.00 shipping included

4.) Orig 28.00 w/o shipping
Now 34.00 shipping included

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Halloween Advent Completed. Yay Sue!

Two years ago I spent the day with 
friends in a Gathering class here at my house.

Here is the link to that day

The short haired blonde in the forefront is my friend Sue.
I joined in her garage sale last Saturday and no sooner had I 
unloaded my stuff when she said, "I finally finished my advent,
go in and see.."

Didn't she do a fabulous job?
Now she had the majority done awhile ago
but kept tweaking it until it was 
just what she wanted, and sometimes
 our projects get delayed right?
Just in time for this Halloween.
This was the first complex canvas background she has done.
Again - she hit it out of the park...or the coven

To those new to Oldgreymare....
from time to time I teach 
Gatherings at my home. 
All day affairs that include all supplies and a sit down meal.
Sometimes it is one large project..
sometimes it can be as many as nine.
We have a blast.
I really need to do another soon.
anyone in? maybe a Christmas one?

One of my favorite things is to see a student,
stand back, look at their work,
get a big grin of satisfaction,
and think..
That's good, I love it!

Yay Sue

I have some leftover pumpkins
 from the 4 dozen I've made and sold this season...
took some to the garage sale Saturday also.

If anyone is interested
email me and I'll send pics, prices and 
quantities that remain.
Some are sold out
limited quantity of me

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Passing Time

While waiting for truss repair guy
I fiddled around in the studio

Sacrificed a beloved felted wool blanket

Now this morning I wait for inspection guy,
and take some pics

The extent of my fall decorating is 
a few homemade pumpkins

I used to have goblins and ghouls 
from one room into the next.
I used to buy scads of pumpkins.

The ghouls and goblins are all gone
except for these two:

they were my very first cover
so I had to keep....

I gave some gourds "a ride in my cart"
last weekend.
Lovely lumpy gourds of all colors,
greens, mints and peaches
and then...
I just could not justify
spending the money.
They were 5.50 each.
The ones I wanted would have cost
27.00 and change

I would grow them if I could,
but no, I sew them instead, 

A large thank you to those of you 
who have purchased my
home made pumpkins.
They have now all been sent out 
priority so coming to you soon.

Also several gals inquired how to 
buy them but you are 
"no reply comment" 
so I am unable to reach you via email,
to give you details and prices.
Please email me directly so I can reply.
Yes I am still sewing more..

for the umpteenth time
put your email in your profile,
If you elect not to, and then
 ask a question of any blogger
do it via email..

Sunday, October 6, 2013


This thing has been chirping since 
Friday night...
well almost...
It magically stopped 
for several hours yesterday?
then started back up
last night around 1 a.m. and is still chirping...

Now how in blue blazes am I
to balance on a 6' ladder
and reach the upper half of my body 
off and over the Juliet balcony to reach the 
blooming thing?
It looks like a walkway but it's not.
I stuffed blankets under the door
 last night and stuffed
cotton in my ears and
turned on my fan full blast
in a room already 60 degrees from 
the cold spell, which meant I
had to drag out the down comforter.
Turned the tv on with the timer
 and finally 
fell asleep exhausted.

Years ago it acted up and by chance
my handyman guy came by and crawled up 
there and dealt with it...
his handprint is still over 10 ' up on the wall
I was convinced he would 
pitch off and fall.....down down down
scared me to pieces

The truss repair guys
 are coming again tomorrow.
Yeah those guys..
since MAY!
I plan to beg one of them to please 
help me replace the battery and
shut the damn thing up...
which makes no sense since it's wired in 
and yet still needs a battery?

life is befuddling down to 
the simplest things

but I rolled and wrapped wools
to tuck into a new storage area
in the studio
I folded fabrics so that they would 
 stack and fit quite nicely into a cabinet

I tidied and swept

life is befuddling
and so good

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sun Up To Sun Down

Sun up
sun down

I am here

missing my girl
making more pumpkins
(yes they are for sale)
counting the days
until both chicks return