Thursday, March 24, 2022

In The Garden

 I've been in the yard for over a week now, working very hard and

for very long hours. Walter keeps me company but also annoys me with 

the continual rock fetish and whine.

Badly neglected for over a year, I knew I had to get out there

and clean it up; not back to it's original glory,

but at least respected once more.

Solar fountains in the planter second from left. Hummers liking so far.

I put this planter together while watching This Is Us.
I moved herbs closer to porch this year, again hoping not to neglect.

I decided to place pots into the beds, or close by, so that

I could run drips to them. I think I got discouraged by the

demise of so many and the cost of losing so many over the years.

I've only begun snapping some photos to send the kids.

Once everything is in bloom, I'll try to remember to get more.

I sliced ( hacked) back the banks roses, filling about 8 huge bags worth of them alone,

so this year will not be the splendid dripping show as usual

but the roses should be healthier.

I look back at the enormous trees and green lawn

that once were and the dozens of blooming flowers I had everywhere,

and think about all the many changes over 29 years in this home.

It's hard sometimes, these changes, but now many are necessary.

Water issues, age issues, ability, and financial issues mandate change

whether I like it or not.

No matter though, as I am so blessed and grateful for 

what I still have.

Nights are still as sweet

For now I am not using my signature Z for 

the connotation is hurtful for some- instead I'll use

How it came to be: via my dear Macky