Thursday, June 22, 2023

Geli squares

A little project that kept me busy for a couple days. 
I had a pile of geli printed papers I had made a few months back
 and decided I would try another style of collage.
 I had already made paper quilts and desired something a little 
more rustic, textured or rough?
I adhered the geli paper to mixed media paper 
and then cut into 2x2" squares. 
I had a nice thick 12x 24" canvas stored so....

I did not want them adhered flat and 
also did not want a smooth appearance,
hence the word rough, so I let the wrinkles 
and curled edges come as they wished, 
and in some cases encouraged.
I finished the sides in geli strips.

It was a fun exercise,
though laborious for sure.

Purists will cringe at the wrinkles etc but 
you've seen my house,
do I care about such things?

Creating is so good for the soul,
my free therapy.



Sunday, June 18, 2023


Dad loved to fish
Some of his happiest days were spent beside a creek, in a canoe,
on a friend's boat or on his pontoon.

I took several fishing trips to Canada with dad and his friends and 
loved seeing him so relaxed and funny.
He's been gone 23 years and I don't think a day goes by 
that I don't remember something he taught me,
or use a skill he passed on.  

I miss him so very much.

To him I was Suzy



Saturday, June 17, 2023

Back In The Studio

I've been spending a lot of time in my studio.
Cleaned things up a bit, and removed the daybed, too crowded with it there,
and hauled a chair back up into the corner. 
We've had a glorious cool June, but the tide is turning, so I'm retreating from
the garden back inside till fall temps. 

Getting the chair up the stairs and around the half wall
was challenging. Another one of my "midnight" ideas.
I pushed the chair end over end up the stairs, easy peasy,
but then it couldn't clear the turn into the room.

With one huge lift I got it up on it's back on top of the wall,
praying it didn't crash down to the bottom floor and slid it
 along the half wall into the room. Pretty proud of myself actually, 
but did receive a scolding from darling daughter.
I just had knee injections that afternoon and was feeling "powerful",
but of course she thought I was over doing.
Don't we all Over Do?

I've been gilli printing and painting and I took several free and also fee classes
on line the past few months and weeks. Ordered some supplies from Amazon, 
that arrive today and I will be attempting 
to paint "things"- flowers maybe, a dog for the first time?
 I will show anything that I'm not mortified to show you.
 They will not be realistic for sure,
but hopefully not trashcan worthy. The fun is the process right?

I also hope to FINALLY finish that damn blue log cabin quilt, begun years ago 
and worked on off and on for years. I showed it last year hoping 
to guilt myself into finishing... Why do we sometimes just get "stuck" on 
things like this.? I have a small area in my hallway that needs to be repainted. It might take 
about 30 minutes? Can I do it? Nope

I have four hallway lights I have hated for 30 years. Looked recently to replace, $$
but I'd rather save for new flooring. So I'm going to paint the bases from gold to black.
I can't /won't remove so I'll paint in place, hehe
I'll take you along for that adventure.
I've worked out a clever solution I think.

I have to keep busy to avoid the dread I feel about the world and society.
It's a frickin' mess for sure. 



Thursday, June 8, 2023

Just Paint

 The weather has been lovely here - mid 80's,
so I decided to cram in a few more outdoor projects 
before we are scorching.
Bought a pretty and larger new rug, (on a terrific sale)
for this area but with all the colors, needed to
update. I've had to use a tablecloth for a few years as the
plywood top I added to the vintage table base was looking shabby. 
I definitely was not a fan of this vibe.

In my earlier everything green phase, I had striped the plywood 
top and after years of exposure to the elements, it was faded, shabby, 
and chances of splinters were high. 

I decided a base of brown with maybe stenciling,
 or more striping would look nice. 
I sanded the top and didn't want to spend money on paint,
so I found a small can of brown that I had purchased years ago.
Did 2 coats and went in for some lunch, when suddenly 
downpour. Fast and brief, but enough to rain spot it all over!
Wiped it all down again, and let it dry.
By the time I got back to it, it was evening,
 so I quickly slapped on a third coat.
I stood back and pondered stencil/ stripe?
Looked at the rug, the grey chairs, and thought
Just leave it.
Rolled it back into place, and snapped a quick shot to show
a gal pal Robin, and the kids. 
Often I remind myself- 
Keep It Simple Stupid