Thursday, June 8, 2023

Just Paint

 The weather has been lovely here - mid 80's,
so I decided to cram in a few more outdoor projects 
before we are scorching.
Bought a pretty and larger new rug, (on a terrific sale)
for this area but with all the colors, needed to
update. I've had to use a tablecloth for a few years as the
plywood top I added to the vintage table base was looking shabby. 
I definitely was not a fan of this vibe.

In my earlier everything green phase, I had striped the plywood 
top and after years of exposure to the elements, it was faded, shabby, 
and chances of splinters were high. 

I decided a base of brown with maybe stenciling,
 or more striping would look nice. 
I sanded the top and didn't want to spend money on paint,
so I found a small can of brown that I had purchased years ago.
Did 2 coats and went in for some lunch, when suddenly 
downpour. Fast and brief, but enough to rain spot it all over!
Wiped it all down again, and let it dry.
By the time I got back to it, it was evening,
 so I quickly slapped on a third coat.
I stood back and pondered stencil/ stripe?
Looked at the rug, the grey chairs, and thought
Just leave it.
Rolled it back into place, and snapped a quick shot to show
a gal pal Robin, and the kids. 
Often I remind myself- 
Keep It Simple Stupid



TheCrankyCrow said...

Absolutely PERFECT Z!!! I love everything about this space!! The pennant, that funky fun candle holder chandelier, the rug and most definitely the table. What a great space - truly an outdoor room I'd live in. Funny, though...there you are in the middle of the desert getting rain and we have had nary a drop for weeks...and weeks...and weeks. ~Robin~

Jillayne said...

Lovely - it's perfect. Simple is better I think and with the beautiful and colourful rug beneath it, a plain brown top looks wonderful. Good choice!