Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Just Playing

 Darling Daughter

Monday, May 28, 2012


totally random day at old grey mare
need to change chalkboard to summer
my favorite cabinet I bought at auction with my dad and 
refinished with him when I was about 12
yes, I am organized behind closed doors also
(that's how I made it into the book :D)

burn candles even in summer
this one is scented orange - so yummy
still love mirror shots
making best pork loin ever ( thanks Sarah for the link)
be sure to make the glaze

Justice -"Wake up Howie"
Howie - "whaaa?"
"OK I guess I'm up - open open open"
"oh it's nice out here"
Thrown a few more curves -
laid off from work last week without warning.

Need to reboot

Meanwhile - staying close to home
luxuriating in my little abode
cleaning, fluffing, reading and hanging out in the garden, 
in the last few cool nights we'll have for months.
I love cocooning here - safe- happy
 *Costco premixed margarita is nice*
I know there is a path,
a reason, answers
is my new word
until my world rights itself.

Hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend.

Monday, May 14, 2012


I made this bouquet up from three 
different bunches from Trader Joes.

Just a quick thank you to all who wrote me
about yesterday's post and shared their stories 
or just said they understood.

Also thank you for the sweet comments,
  emails and phone calls about the book (two posts back.)
You guys are the best.
You really are.
How about we all meet up at my house?
What do you think?
Rally at Z's.
Finally got the yard done yesterday.
I'm ready <3

Friday, May 11, 2012

I Celebrate You

So, I got my copy today.
What fun to see my name on the back cover,
and in such prestigious company!
Holy Moly!
Love the book. 
Think the layout is luscious. 
Haven't had time to read it yet.
Hate my photo, no really...gag...
but I am honored to be included.
Kids are proud of me.
What a great MD present to me <3

Hope you all enjoy the special weekend,
whether you are being celebrated, 
celebrating your own Mom,
another Mom,
or just celebrating how wonderful and 
vital moms are to this world.
Nurturing or creating human beings,
there is no greater calling...
whether you birthed a child
or just love a child,
or mother other beings around you.
I celebrate you this Sunday.

Now I'm off to help a pal 
get organized this evening for her garage sale tomorrow.
The rest of the weekend is for whole house tidying
because darling daughter is just days away
 from being home in her own bed.
Not that the house is messy, 
(I hear my local chums saying yeah, yeah....)
I often say 
"I am not obsessively clean, however,
I am frequently tidy."
I just like to fuss, it 
helps build the anticipation.
Life is good.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Where I've Been

It takes over 3 months to prepare for an auction.
I work at an auction company.
We go from this, the day before -

to this -
auctioning off,
over three VERY LONG days,
things like

and so much more-
Months of preparation and 
four days of crazy busy
and then....

Tomorrow we start all over again
for the next one in October.
I am asleep standing up and trying to
 watch PBS Sherlock Holmes.
I missed it first run through.
Then MadMen is on....
no rest for the weary just yet.

I'm visiting everyone, I truly am.
Haven't you noticed me peeking around your corners?
Or.... maybe it is just my mouse.

The trap is gone!
no sign of it or him...
and nowhere for him to have escaped in the trap...
I'll need Sherlock to solve this mystery,
cause I am just too bleepin' tired.

Darling daughter comes in from New York soon.
Mama is EXTREMELY excited.
I miss you all.
I'll return.
I will.