Thursday, June 28, 2012


(Special orders SOLD)

I'm still sewing along and the totes and purses are 
leaving almost as quickly.
One of the benefits of this 50 drawer apothecary in the hall
is I have 50 knobs to hang stuff from, which I do.
As each piece is completed it is hung here
temporarily until I can photograph 
and then put into the shop.

Then someone stops by, and a few more disappear
out the front door, and so far none have made it to the shop,
or been photographed properly.
I had to snap this blurry one seconds before 4 more departed.
I am thrilled.
The coffers need filling and it's always fun to see
someone you know enjoy something you've made.
I'm sewing up a batch of totes today in wonderful linens.
No better place for me to be than hibernated from the heat
in my studio at the top of the stairs.
I hope your day is lovely.


Friday, June 22, 2012

Where the hell is she?

One place I have not been lately or at least often,
is right here, at the computer desk. 
For those of you who notice such things, this is a new/old desk. 
It used to be the table in my family room. 
It was swapped out for a new acquisition.
Yep, that is Darling Daughter as my screen saver.
Dearest Son was on there last week.
I alternate. 

This is the new/old table in the family room now.
Long story how it came to my home. Let's just say it was a swap.

 I just adore the top of this piece. It may look grungy but it is
scrubbed uber clean. I re-nailed and glued and added some support to this baby. Now I can spread out when I pay my bills, or have company for a casual meal.

(at a previous home)
There is another long story to this red primitive cabinet. It went through three different friends' homes and after a long difficult journey, ended up at mine. I had never attempted to own it thinking I would not want to repaint it. 
Even though it was not original paint, 
I hoped it could stay red.
I have successfully sold it for two different owners in the past,
and was trying to sell it again the past few months.

Suddenly two weeks ago, it needed a home fast,
 and so over it came very late one Friday night,
crammed in the back of a Yukon
with two High School guys holding on to it.  

By lunchtime Saturday it was white 
and hanging out in this corner.
(Ignore the curtains, that is changing)

The bowls from the kitchen island scooted over 
and Voila! new vignette.

I've also sewn and sold some totes and purses.
As soon as I get the supply back up they'll be in the shop
which I hope to reopen soon.

(very poor shots of some totes)

they hold a ton and are reversible..come in many 
fabrics and can be customized...

the answer is 
is still around and roasting in lala land.

Stop on by and let me know how you're doing.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Milk, Z things and FroZen fruit

So yeah, I can be persnickety
I become obsessed attached to cleaning products, vacuums,
buckets, authors, lotions, potions and foods.
I frequently order the exact same meal at a restaurant 
every time I visit if I love a dish.
If I find a purse I like, I'll buy it in both black and brown, 
brown and grey, whatever....
Same goes for jeans, t-shirts, sweaters and shoes.
I have sets of the same t's, pj's, slippers,
underwear, blazers, capris, dress pants, blouses....
Multiples abound.

Girlfriends call me to ask me 
"what do you use/buy for __________"
They know I've researched it to death
and I have the winner.

Three gals bought the blue bucket and LOVE it!
Of course they did, it's a Z thing.

Think I got this from dear old Dad,
who upon his death had over 
20 pair of khaki,
 Made in America Chinos...
and he had recently purged a bag or two to Goodwill.
He lived in fear they would stop producing them I suppose.
Like Sears ever would!

Which brings me to my obsession with cold milk.
Icy cold skim milk or I cannot stand it.
I put ice in mine and
so does darling daughter...not sure if dearest son still does....
After many overnight stays, the kid's friends began to do the same.
I also taught them to eat their ice cream in a glass
with you guessed it, milk.
You pour the milk into the top and then quickly slurp
 half of it icy cold, before smooshing the rest with a spoon.
I'm a cold milk pusher.

Last weekend darling daughter mentioned 
that she had begun to put
ice in her bowl of cereal in the morning.
She said it made the cereal better.
This same daughter sent me flowers this week...just because...

Pondering this idea Wednesday morning I had an
Aha! moment and ran to the freezer..
grabbed a bag of frozen strawberries,
took out about five and quickly rinsed the frostiness off them
 and then very carefully sliced them into thirds.
(difficult to do to a frozen berry)
threw them into a bowl 
(my special hand thrown yellow bowl,
of course I own two),
added my FAVORITE
Pecan Sticky Bun cereal and added the skim milk.

Icy ICy ICY cold milk with no soggy berries,
no watered down milk!
oh me oh my..small pleasures... WoOt!
In case it was a fluke I tried it again this morning,
and yep, icy deliciousness.

Let's see, frozen peaches, blueberries
would also be divine.
I'm sure many folks out there have been doing this for years
but it's new to me and I love it.

A few other things I love?
Philosophy Amazing Grace/or Grace
 (smell lovely and clean not doused in cologne)
Clinique Happy
Mally Black Mascara - hands down my favorite
Sheer Cover Concealer
Serious Skincare Light Fraxion (bye bye crows feet)
Heeltastic (cracked heel remedy, 
smells good and I've tried EVERYTHING)
DeLore Nails Nail Hardener/Dryer 
( I've used at least 15 years now
topcoat dries in 60 seconds, makes cuticles better)

Professor Amos Shock it Clean
(cleans so much bad stuff so well, and it lasts forever)
Spin Mop Deluxe Cleaning Bucket
(infamous blue bucket)
Tylex Mildew Root
(best problem shower cleaner,
 missing here in Vegas for years, now back in at Lowes)
Dyson vacuums - everyone knows that right?
Pumi Scouring Stick (I'll never be without one)
All Watkins Cleaners and Mrs Meyers
for routine "green cleaning.

That's enough, good gracious
you'll think I'm a wacko 
with so many Z favorites..
not wacko, just persnickety..

Have a great weekend my friends