Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Best Bags

While watching the devastation
in Texas, donating and sending prayers, 
 I just had to 
do something practical and productive.

Just adding this in late morning.
AARP is matching your donation funds so
your help to those in
this horrific flood/hurricane will be doubled
and go farther.

So I  sewed.

More sets of Best Bags.
Sold in matching pairs.
$45.00 a pair plus shipping



After  sewing and shipping all last week and girls stopping by
 I was down to 3 sets.
Many sold before I got photos on IG or here.



Use this email for questions and to order
I am getting the sweetest notes 
from customers and the bags are a hit!

Since my source for fabric disappeared,
I don't know how many more
 I can squeeze out of my stash in the near future.
Almost all the sets are one of a kind.
Linings and gussets change with availability.
If you see a pair you like, don't wait too long,
it is doubtful I can create them the same ever again.
I love them all and often say 
"no, this ones my favorite"

Talking to customers again has been 
such a bonus to heading back up to the studio.
I had forgotten how delightful the back and forth can be.

You guys are wonderful.

"Love them and my husband likes them too. So now you have one more fan 

I am putting them to good use right away.

Thanks so much, I hope you sell lots and lots more. They are very good quality."  C

   "Hi dear
I wanted to let you know the bags arrived today and I am beyond thrilled with them and your lovely packaging and extra goodies that is so sweet and lovely! "   L

"Oh My Gosh!!!!!......ZZZZZZ.......your bags came today and they are fabulous!  To say I love them would be an understatement!  Your sweet packaging and the flowerettes  were an unexpected surprise!  Thank you, Thank you!!!!"  D

I wanted to tell you that I am delighted with my bags.  Thanks so much for the "bonus" felted posies and the sweet personalized wrapping.  You do things with panache and excellent craftsmanship.  So glad I ambled across your blog (via Boxwood Cottage --- miss her posts). A

Thank you 


and because this post seems to be
coming forth in stages -3 so far-
my favorite gals have done it again

please oh please read them.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Nine Years - Holy Moly

Today it's been nine years
since I began the blog.
I was totally clueless about blogging back then,
but anxious to journal my life a little.

I zipped back through that year 
on the blog last night
and whew 9 years changes a lot.

I was teaching fairly often back then,
holding all day events "Gatherings" in my home.
I was still doing an annual Holiday show.
I read A LOT
I was hoping to move to TN.
I was "over-decorating" for holidays,
and my home in general.
I was doing a monthly column for a local
magazine and sewing and crafting all the time.
Ben was living in Portland 
and Hannah had just decided to attend NYU.

2017 - nine years later is OK
Not in our government surely, and the world
is a gigantic mess but
the kids are well and happy and both in CA,
and my days here are peaceful and calm.
I read EVEN more.

My home is a lot lighter in appearance,
 in what I have stored, and for the holidays.
I never got to TN, and years later 
I know it was never really right for me. I've
accepted I may never get out of here
but that's alright also.
It is what it is,
and I am so grateful for the blessings 
I do have.

I am not walking this path with folks I 
thought back in 08 would always be around,
but the ones that are,
are very special, and newer ones
are just as dear.

We change - we grow.
The only constant is my devotion to 
my family and friends and 
oh yeah, I'm still in the studio.
Still sewing
 Made these sets today.

They have some fun linings too

Thank you to all the gals ordering bags,
and to locals who stop by and shop.
I'm saving up for a CA trip to see kiddos.
All the remaining orders as of last night
will ship out tomorrow or Monday.

To all of you who have hung around here
these 9 years, a huge thank you.
I love you guys.

9 years ago in December we had this:


I could do that again,

(Oh and I just got rid of that car after 14 years)
It takes me awhile to make some changes

Monday, August 14, 2017

Best and Horrible

I'm getting lots of emails
and questions about 
Z's Best Bags
So here are a few Horrible pics.
I snapped these very quickly for 
pal Annie last weekend
as she wanted to see a few.
There are more, many more, coming.
So what you see here is the 
main part of the bag and the gusset.
Most have a different fabric 
lining like this first one.
This red is the one Annie chose,
and she already has several.
She loves these so much she carries my cards 
with her so she can hand out 
when folks comment on her bags.
(she's also my best cheerleader)
I will take more, better photos, but right now
 I'm headed to 
a celebratory lunch with pal Sue 
who has officially retired from teaching today.
(of course she could not resist 
going over to help direct traffic this am,
because she is sweet like that ) 

This looks like I shot it from the roof. hehe
This is from a corner of the studio, I set therm on the half wall.
The living room is almost 3 stories high.

Please leave questions in comments or use this email.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Best Bags Are Back

Spent Thursday and Friday in the studio
 and I'll be up there all day today. 
Finally got the urge back
 to sew up some of my 
"Best Bags".

I've made and sold a lot of these puppies,
till I burned out on them.
Every time I use them at a store I get asked about them,
and I use them constantly.

Enough time has passed
that the joy of sewing them finally returned.
My only issue is my stash of home dec
is dwindling down and my go to store
went out of business.
It may be hard to find great fabric 
at a great price like before, and each bag is 
lined/reversible and the handles are triple folded
so I go through the fabric quickly.

Here is one that I use. These Bags hold A LOT!

Back to the studio I go!
Perhaps I'll just sew till there is no more home dec
and then start on something else.

Hot and Humid here
Hurry Fall Hurry