Thursday, January 27, 2022

Move it Move it Move it

For years I leaned over the tub to reach a 4 drawer chest 

that stored some jewelry and bath items.

I couldn't open window or easily clean.

The other night I thought enough of that!

I did not take a pic of the before

but you can imagine.

Where that basket is, the drawers sat.
I added some sienna colored towels to 
bring that color in.
The builder did the navy tile.  I thought for years I would move,
so never redid the baths- now $$ cost prohibits.
Waiting on rod for window so did a quick temporary.

The drawers and that rack that was behind the door,

 moved into the closet.  SO much better.

I have a full length mirror in there already

so I just added two small mirrors I had for close up looks.

I found some jewelry organizers for drawers 

on Amazon that are working out great.

I'll show soon- In fact I may do a 

"things I'm liking" post because I think I've found some great stuff

lately and I always share.

I'll be adding some wicker baskets to replace the vinyl ones,

 shifting some clothes, and getting better lighting,

but I already like it. Now if I just had somewhere to go 

and wear the jewelry.  

As always no filters, no fluffing, just the REAL


Tuesday, January 25, 2022

To Walter

Were you around two years ago to remember
this sweet baby boy?
Two years ago this week I discovered him on a rescue site.

And knew instantly he was my dog. 

This is the photo I saw on the site shortly after it posted.
I will still grieving losing Howie and was still very raw,
but Hannah said mom check out these sites.

It was meant to be. I got to him first.

Three weeks later I brought him home

He perched on my shoulder for almost the entire first year

He's getting me through the pandemic isolation
and is my love, never more than a few feet away from me.
Sleeps under my bed covers all night every night,
usually pressed up against my back or leg.

He is incredibly smart.
Seems to understand everything I ask him to do.

Waiting under my makeup table chair.

and is still a weirdo

To Walter
such a blessing.



Friday, January 21, 2022

Lazy Cook

I was talking to a friend tonight while preparing one of my 
all time staple meals.
Meals that I can eat all week long, cooking just once,
or freezing 2/3 of it and having one meal that night
and lunch the next day out of 1/3 of pan.

She said "oh send me the recipe."
I said "No recipe but I'll add to my blog so you can always find."
She doesn't bookmark or pin or anything like that.

Along with a pkg of tenderloins that I had already 
started to prepare before getting phone.

So I cut the chicken about 2 1/2 lbs into bite size pieces 
and I always remove the sinew part.
Simmer on low-med  the entire box of broth  32 oz along with a generous
helping of SPIKE. It has a pretty high salt content,  
so be forewarned if that is a problem for you.
(I see on line you can get unsalted)
When about halfway done maybe 8-10 minutes?
I add in sun dried tomatoes in oil from jar. These were halves, 
so I cut up into smaller bites- I used maybe 2/3 of jar. 
I just pull from jar with whatever oil sticks to them 
Continue to cook until chicken is correct temp
DO NOT over cook- rubber chicken sucks

Meanwhile have your farfalle going.
 I cook the entire box but don't use it all in this dish. 
I save some for

pasta later in the week. I saved this much. Maybe 1/3 of box?
Undercook slightly barely al dente as it will soak up juices. 

When chicken is done add broccoli to pan.
I usually cut and steam larger broccoli tops.
I already had some small steam in bag broccoli


and used that, but it
pretty much fell apart tonight. 
I won't use that again. Fresh is better anyway.

Add your pasta into pan

and lots of parm in the pan or on top of serving- or both.

You're done
I've substituted jarred red peppers if I don't have sundried
and asparagus for broccoli.

I even did a mushroom substitute in veg broth
 with fresh peas and added cream.

Use your own spices instead of spike

Whatever you happen to have.

Cooking for one means I prefer one big dish that 
goes a long way and is easy and cheap.

Tonights pan yielded a large helping with another 2 helpings
for tomorrow. I froze two large freezer containers
and have another large bowl of farfalle for pasta later this weekend. 

20 minutes start to finish

When I made for kids I added a salad and
good toasted artisan bread to sop up juices. 
As you store in fridge the pasta will soak up juices so you can add
a little broth to loosen it all up if needed.

Definitely not cookbook worthy but I like it.



Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Up Close And Personal

Had a few questions about my last post.
Mostly to see closer things I had mentioned.

I bought the mannequin new ($20.00) without legs (they were damaged)
I coffee and tea stained and added laces from Grandmother Brooks.

Framed card from DD on Mothers day
 and dried flowers from DS on that same day. 

This was so funny.
DD had asked about a lullaby I used to sing to them.
The funny was - it was not a lullaby but my college sorority Tri-Sig song. 
She found the words and framed it for me last year
with the moon - I always call my sister moon.

"Born with the Moon in Cancer, you are likely to have a 
highly developed intuitive and emotional side. 
You are likely to have a strong empathy for others, 
and will feel impelled to take action in order to nurture, 
support and protect them."

My jewelry hanging on an old rack behind the door.
SO many friends saw this and searched till they found 
a similar rack. 

Fringe on burlap curtains

Thumb back chair from grandparents to dad to me
It's very short and small.
I pile the pillows from bed on it each evening.

My brother Scott and I with photos of our folks as children 
This is the hall right outside the master.
My dad sang that song to me ALL the time.
I used another stanza in my bedroom painting-
double meaning for me with the "grey" 
( see previous post )

On my nightstand
My best friend in my entire life
left this note for me over 40 years ago, 
before she left traveling the world,
(or parts of it anyway)
She introduced me to Leonard, 
cared for me, and loved me when I needed it most.
I've always kept it near.

I've always encouraged clients and friends 
 to surround themselves with meaningful items. 
I don't so much decorate - I dress my spaces with things that I love,
have hidden meanings or jokes and if it's something that often 
makes me tear up or outright weep, well it goes front and center.
I want to connect with my home, give it life,
make it breathe along with me.

Like this- get it?

I see so much on IG and decor shows and no offense, but 
most of those homes are all interchangeable. Right?
Even the lovely filtered gals are nearly interchangeable. 
The few I do follow teach me new things or are blog friends for years.
The only defining thing that distinguishes the difference 
 in all the IG houses, is a gallery wall 
but even then most are purchased, not made, not created with love. 
Yes I know they are just pushing product but
this is their HOME, for themselves and family.
I couldn't do it.
I love walking by the kid's height chart on the wall. 
Originally it was painted on, but when I repainted I marked on a 
strip of paper and then P- touched the measurements
 back on in the same spots.

This is opposite the "you are my sunshine" wall.

It's a jumble of mostly vintage silver things from family and kids baby cups,
with a few of my mom's crystal paperweights thrown in.
Also a printed booklet of photos my DD made for me,
and a letter my father got back from a family in Europe
who received a sweater 
my dad and his mom sent during the war. 

That's it for tonight

Cleaned out all the bathroom cabinets and drawers 
tonight. Amazing how much expired stuff was in there.
I have really cut back on cosmetics, lotions and potions
during the pandemic. Never needed most of it anyway,
and it sure rarely worked.



Saturday, January 8, 2022


I have had sheers in front of the bedroom windows 

for over a decade and as I've embraced more color 

back into my world, I decided to mix my blues 

with a sienna color already in a chair in stools .

It took forever for the curtains to arrive ( after getting lost twice) 

 but I'm glad I persevered.

The lighting in the room in early evening

and this morning was wonderful.

Yep, I always mix pattern willy nilly 

when I use color, and my beds are always layers 

upon layers of different top weights and pillows

of all depths to please a mood. 

On the bed are a linen sheet set, then sienna woven blanket,
then a blue floral duvet, then a blue velvet quilt, topped with vintage quilt
and a new throw for naps. Two different patterned sham pairs and 
Walter's throw pillows finish it off. 

Lexington bedroom pieces I've had forever it seems. 
Checked stools found at thrift shop 20 years ago?

Favorite vintage quilt, in pristine condition.
Artwork is mine from years ago.
Vintage framed purses were my Grandmother's. 

The curtains into adjoining bath are burlap with a fringe bottom
I have also had for decades.

Still working on gallery wall on this side of room.

BTW the vaulted ceiling in here and adjoining bath is blue.

I have huge canopy thing I used to hang over the bed 
which may or may not return and the green wreath above
bed will be changed out soon to a simple willow, or maybe not?

The canopy was a pain to clean but looked 
romantic and fun...

Onto the next project



Tuesday, January 4, 2022

New Year

 Packed the holiday up and put away.

Took a last look at some.

I'm cocooning more and more as the news is dreadful

just about everywhere.

            Walter has had some digestion issues for several days,

so I'm focused on that for now.

Today was back to pick up only for groceries.

Quick visit from Ben this weekend as he comes in to shoot/edit

a commercial for his dad. 

My chore list has grown and I'm determined to 

check most of it off as quickly as possible. It 

does seem that I check off one or two, only to add four or five more.

Maybe it's a new year syndrome of sorts?

I want the chores done as I want to get back to my studio,

and I foolishly feel guilty being in studio when chores are undone.

First an overhaul and a purge. 

Being realistic about what I can actually use

and also what I WILL actually use as I'm waving at 70.

Lucky for me I have friends who are younger/or would be more productive

with some of the supplies that I have stored far too long. 

It's only January 4th- I have goals set for end of the month.

I'll let you know if all the boxes get checked.

Happy New Year to all

Thank you for stopping by and visiting my world.

from the now very white haired