Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Up Close And Personal

Had a few questions about my last post.
Mostly to see closer things I had mentioned.

I bought the mannequin new ($20.00) without legs (they were damaged)
I coffee and tea stained and added laces from Grandmother Brooks.

Framed card from DD on Mothers day
 and dried flowers from DS on that same day. 

This was so funny.
DD had asked about a lullaby I used to sing to them.
The funny was - it was not a lullaby but my college sorority Tri-Sig song. 
She found the words and framed it for me last year
with the moon - I always call my sister moon.

"Born with the Moon in Cancer, you are likely to have a 
highly developed intuitive and emotional side. 
You are likely to have a strong empathy for others, 
and will feel impelled to take action in order to nurture, 
support and protect them."

My jewelry hanging on an old rack behind the door.
SO many friends saw this and searched till they found 
a similar rack. 

Fringe on burlap curtains

Thumb back chair from grandparents to dad to me
It's very short and small.
I pile the pillows from bed on it each evening.

My brother Scott and I with photos of our folks as children 
This is the hall right outside the master.
My dad sang that song to me ALL the time.
I used another stanza in my bedroom painting-
double meaning for me with the "grey" 
( see previous post )

On my nightstand
My best friend in my entire life
left this note for me over 40 years ago, 
before she left traveling the world,
(or parts of it anyway)
She introduced me to Leonard, 
cared for me, and loved me when I needed it most.
I've always kept it near.

I've always encouraged clients and friends 
 to surround themselves with meaningful items. 
I don't so much decorate - I dress my spaces with things that I love,
have hidden meanings or jokes and if it's something that often 
makes me tear up or outright weep, well it goes front and center.
I want to connect with my home, give it life,
make it breathe along with me.

Like this- get it?

I see so much on IG and decor shows and no offense, but 
most of those homes are all interchangeable. Right?
Even the lovely filtered gals are nearly interchangeable. 
The few I do follow teach me new things or are blog friends for years.
The only defining thing that distinguishes the difference 
 in all the IG houses, is a gallery wall 
but even then most are purchased, not made, not created with love. 
Yes I know they are just pushing product but
this is their HOME, for themselves and family.
I couldn't do it.
I love walking by the kid's height chart on the wall. 
Originally it was painted on, but when I repainted I marked on a 
strip of paper and then P- touched the measurements
 back on in the same spots.

This is opposite the "you are my sunshine" wall.

It's a jumble of mostly vintage silver things from family and kids baby cups,
with a few of my mom's crystal paperweights thrown in.
Also a printed booklet of photos my DD made for me,
and a letter my father got back from a family in Europe
who received a sweater 
my dad and his mom sent during the war. 

That's it for tonight

Cleaned out all the bathroom cabinets and drawers 
tonight. Amazing how much expired stuff was in there.
I have really cut back on cosmetics, lotions and potions
during the pandemic. Never needed most of it anyway,
and it sure rarely worked.




jenclair said...

I agree that so many homes are interchangeable...and somehow empty. They may be attractive, but they are impersonal. Love your personal and interesting touches!

Blondie's Journal said...

I love all of your collections and the way you put them together with your own creative and personal touch. I agree, so many homes we see on social media look alike, usually on trend. And so many trending pieces, from furniture to clothes are given to them from retail stores to integrate into their lives for the purpose of selling. I know you know this. As much as I see it for what it is, how I wish I had these opportunities when I was a young mother and couldn't work outside the home. But it really gets on our faces and it's so easy to just hit that Add To Cart button. You need to scroll past. As I did with blogging years ago, be inspired by what you see, and maybe pull something away that inspires you.

Take care, Z

Jane x

Salty Pumpkin Studio said...

Thoughtful post. I agree, meaningful things out where we see them.

It is important to label nostalgic things we hold dear so love ones know how much they mean to our hearts.
On my first blog circa 2008, and again on another, I posted a photo of the last little red Lego piece I stepped on. Then I saw a craft project where small things are glue on a board with a drawn grid and framed. Seeing it adds a spray of love into my day.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Thank you for this Z...I love, love, love seeing the details up close and the stories behind them. I confess I missed several things from the original post (think I was too gaga over the bed and those sweet framed beaded purses. You are truly fortunate to have these momentos of moments in your life. I especially love that letter to your dad.... You are so right about the IG homes and barbies....and even more right about the magic and comfort of being surrounded by things that mean something to you rather than just things. I absolutely love your home. ~Robin~