Friday, January 21, 2022

Lazy Cook

I was talking to a friend tonight while preparing one of my 
all time staple meals.
Meals that I can eat all week long, cooking just once,
or freezing 2/3 of it and having one meal that night
and lunch the next day out of 1/3 of pan.

She said "oh send me the recipe."
I said "No recipe but I'll add to my blog so you can always find."
She doesn't bookmark or pin or anything like that.

Along with a pkg of tenderloins that I had already 
started to prepare before getting phone.

So I cut the chicken about 2 1/2 lbs into bite size pieces 
and I always remove the sinew part.
Simmer on low-med  the entire box of broth  32 oz along with a generous
helping of SPIKE. It has a pretty high salt content,  
so be forewarned if that is a problem for you.
(I see on line you can get unsalted)
When about halfway done maybe 8-10 minutes?
I add in sun dried tomatoes in oil from jar. These were halves, 
so I cut up into smaller bites- I used maybe 2/3 of jar. 
I just pull from jar with whatever oil sticks to them 
Continue to cook until chicken is correct temp
DO NOT over cook- rubber chicken sucks

Meanwhile have your farfalle going.
 I cook the entire box but don't use it all in this dish. 
I save some for

pasta later in the week. I saved this much. Maybe 1/3 of box?
Undercook slightly barely al dente as it will soak up juices. 

When chicken is done add broccoli to pan.
I usually cut and steam larger broccoli tops.
I already had some small steam in bag broccoli


and used that, but it
pretty much fell apart tonight. 
I won't use that again. Fresh is better anyway.

Add your pasta into pan

and lots of parm in the pan or on top of serving- or both.

You're done
I've substituted jarred red peppers if I don't have sundried
and asparagus for broccoli.

I even did a mushroom substitute in veg broth
 with fresh peas and added cream.

Use your own spices instead of spike

Whatever you happen to have.

Cooking for one means I prefer one big dish that 
goes a long way and is easy and cheap.

Tonights pan yielded a large helping with another 2 helpings
for tomorrow. I froze two large freezer containers
and have another large bowl of farfalle for pasta later this weekend. 

20 minutes start to finish

When I made for kids I added a salad and
good toasted artisan bread to sop up juices. 
As you store in fridge the pasta will soak up juices so you can add
a little broth to loosen it all up if needed.

Definitely not cookbook worthy but I like it.




TheCrankyCrow said...

This looks really good Z....I am going to have to try it. About a pound of chicken maybe?? A 32oz box of broth? And since I am not accustomed to using sun-dried tomatoes in oil in my cooking, do you actually add the oil??? Sorry for the questions, but this inquiring mind needs to know LOL. I have also never heard of "Spike" seasoning. I'll have to investigate. ~Robin~

Salty Pumpkin Studio said...

Looks good. Cooking for one does well with one big meal for leftovers and freezing. Happy Cooking!