Friday, July 22, 2011


SO here you see typical male behavior.

He (HOWIE) is stretched out all cozy in her bed,
while she ( JUSTICE) is hovering nearby on the cold hard tile,
after suffering surgeries and extractions and 
wearing a cone for two weeks.
His bed is less than 2 feet away, but nooooo
He wants HER bed.

You get the all too common scenario right? sigh....
Have a great weekend everyone.

Darling Daughter got another apt, 
and this one has more closet space, 
though it is 2 more floors up than the last.
DD says great for the calves.
Mom just thinks "ouch"
When I visited her last spring,
4 floors up and down all day, added to the 3 flights at 
each subway nearly did me in.
Thank you for all your kind wishes on her behalf.
I'm sure the apt fairies heard you. : D


Tuesday, July 19, 2011


There is always a project.
I have lists, you know that.
Some things get removed quickly 
from the list,
 and some keep getting shoved back
 down to the bottom.

for YEARS!

This expanse of cabinetry has been
 on the list for at least 5 years.
Purchased for a song and it fit the space, 
but I hated the blonde finish and the den
 is right inside the  front door.
 It is also the computer room so I see it 
every bloomin' day.

Knowing I had been procrastinating
 far too long, I ran to the store,
 bought some lovely
MS paint "molasses" and opened
 the can and smeared some on the
right side of the end cabinet.
Now I HAD to paint it.. 

Three days later, well actually five;
(I paused for the stomach flu for 2 days),
 I love it, and now I love the room,
and finally I can take it off the darn list!

So this is where I sit when I type my missives
to the universe.

It is where I read, watch tv and all too frequently, nap.

 Other News:

Darling Daughter found a
wonderful NYC apt, and then today
someone else snatched it away by offering 
200 more a month.Back to the drawing board.
DD also made the Dean's List
(I had to ask permission to tell you)
Mamas need to brag a little now and then

We have spent hours searching on-line 
furniture sites for affordable 
furniture that can be shipped to her.
I love IKEA but their website sucks.

My sweet little Justice had to have 45
"old dog" warts removed (out of over 60),
had 8 teeth pulled,
and has had a doggie cone on  her head
for a week and she is miserable.
The back of my legs are not faring well
either as she bangs that cone into me 
dozens of times per day. 
Throw in temps over 100 and humidity,
a few personal blips,
and I am ready for August to arrive.

I have a giveaway fast approaching and this
time it will be done in the traditional style,
where you comment, follow, visit other sites etc
 in order to win some wonderful gifts.
Multiple winners again, so stay tuned.
A wonderful box of ribbons from Carole
will be one of the prizes. WOOT!

Stay cool everyone!
Seems it is hot hot hot everywhere.
Now you know what desert living is like :D


Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy Fourth

Happy Fourth everyone!
What are you doing this weekend?


I'll be right here in the early am and later in the day.

Hanging out, reading, deadheading some blooms,
 nurturing others, sucking down lots of iced tea...trying to keep it green in daily heat over 100.

It is not always easy.
Important things rarely are.

Life * Liberty * Love