Friday, February 23, 2024

DOSTADNING - Death Cleaning

I know that many of you still get the "ick" factor when

the topic of death comes up, and I am 7 years older 

than I was when I wrote this post, so the years are 


After the last few months, dealing with my friend's passing 

and helping her daughter, I am even more aware of 

 the problem facing so many, and the resistance of so many

to even acknowledge there is a problem.

Our society and it's love of commercialism and "things"

has only exploded thru social media and it's influencers.

How often have you succumbed and purchased 

more useless stuff? 

I'm reposting this link to hopefully reach a few more folks, 

and spare their heirs the hurt and stress 

that I've witnessed far too many times.

I have friends today asking why are you purging,

it's your kids problem. Keep whatever you want.

To me they are saying, I don't love my family enough,

to spare them the mess I'll leave. 

The deep hurt and pain is real.

Your loved ones suffer far more than just your loss. 

I've seen it too many times.

I refuse to be that kind of mom.


Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Continuing On

So I've mentioned working on my friend's home.
She passed the end of October and her middle daughter and I
have spent countless hours/ days dealing with the aftermath
of a loved one's passing.
I've been purging a lot the last few years, as you know.
 As I aged I worried about what I was leaving behind 
for my family to deal with.
The situation recently has only sped up
 my process and dedication.
The difficulties we encountered are too much to go into here;
but in this process I edited out more of my 
own pieces and stored them for sale in April
and some I just gave away.
I was persuaded, and I'm grateful that I agreed,
 to take this wall unit for my office/den.
The funny, ironic thing is I spent years dusting and arranging displays
in this unit, for I cleaned house for my friend for many years. 
I met her the first time I came to clean for her.
By the third visit we were joined at the hip. 

Adding the units created a 75% rearrangement 
and purge of the room.
A huge table, glass cabinet, 7 shutters 
and wingback chair left the room
and I love it all so much more! 

This wall stayed the same..for now. 
I'm debating the leaning bookshelf

I'm working on the glass area this afternoon,
filling with blk/wht photos of passed relatives and a few 
keepsake treasures from them. 
The little curtain is hiding some ugly paperwork stuff 
till it finds a new home or I may just keep it.