Thursday, February 20, 2020

Little Thief

Hello Walter!
I love dogs who look into your eyes,
really listening to your words.
I love his wrinkles.

I love his "fur collar" The fringe and 
the perfect peak making another heart.

I got up to pop something in the microwave
and returned to find a little thief
 had stolen my pillow,
and my heart.

I will diligently try not to
turn this into the Life of Walter blog,
but it's all so new and wonderful.
Bear with me just a bit.

Sunday, February 16, 2020

SO Happy SOOOOO Tired


His left pad has a heart or Mickey

I woke up from our couch nap 
this morning to find him tucked 
away behind me.
That belly!

Did I mention I was tired?
oh boy am I tired


Thursday, February 13, 2020

Where Did That Post Go?

Some of you saw a post over a week ago about 
me meeting my new best friend, and a few other things
but after my "visit" I immediately
removed the post as the visit was a nightmare.

It was not a free wonderful dog.
It was a pyramid, for lack of another name,
for breeding.

I left, drove around the corner 
and sat and cried.
That night I was so angry, my BP soared.

Fast forward to a few days ago.
Hannah had sent me links to some 
new rescue sites, urging me not to give up.
I filled out a couple. 

Within an hour, I got an email of a match.
With a face that tore open my heart.
Then after filling out the application,
I got a call within an hour,
 and passed the phone interview.

Two days later,
I met him at his
foster's home.

a few days more and this morning
I had my home visit to pass the yard and home

This group rarely has puppies.
A mama and her 2 puppies had been dumped.
That I checked in just 1 hour after they posted
is my angels helping out. Dozens more applied.

Meet Walter

I am in love
He is so tiny, and will remain small.
I have never had a small dog in my life,
my cats weighed more than he will.
Lots of work and joy ahead.


went shopping yesterday
maybe a little overboard?