Monday, February 24, 2014

Google Is Not My Friend

So I am being told there is still an issue with my blog.
Yes, I had major issues yesterday.
I cannot begin to explain other
than to say...
Google is not my friend.
It does not play nice..
It invaded my blog and made a major mess
that ALMOST ....almost made me close it down for good.
Son Ben to the rescue, with repairs, temporary band aids
 and calmed Mama down ..
for now....

Hopefully posting a new post, even one as lame as this is
will make the other vanish from your rolls.
And I will say this just in case..
There may come a day
when it does all come to an end.
and POOF
I'm gone.

I'll try to let you know in advance but like yesterday
some things can be beyond our control...
Hope this works
Let's see...


Sunday, February 16, 2014


Brown checked cover was removed from sofa
It never really fit properly and it had a huge worn spot
This is a medium green check

So scheme in the room needed to alter a wee bit
I got this sofa for free over 29 years ago
 and I have recovered it 2 times
I see another time in it's future

Brown chair and ottoman that was in left corner swapped for 
matching cream one to right corner chair previously upstairs
Wish I had a video of me bringing it all down 
and going back up through too narrow doorways
and very steep stairs in the middle of the night lol

and scary

I was in mismatched pj's 
unkempt to say the least,
and I had the thought
if I landed in a crumpled ball at base of stairs 
what a sight I would make..
Yeah I'm weird that way

Removed the floating shelf that was here, 
( gave to a friend to use)
and all the black frames and simplified the corner
Also very happy to have my reading corner back up here

Currently reading The Goldfinch 
on the nook DD gave me for Christmas

Some of the black frames moved over here
and the white framed eye ware 
and button hook collection moved.....

 into the guest room

One of the benefits 
to having a unified palette
throughout the house

On a whim, I can swap when necessary
or to be honest..

when I am bored or working out a problem
This time it was both

Have a great week everyone


Friday, February 14, 2014

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


So we'll leave the downstairs and head up.
Lots of favorite pieces along the way

My wee Valentine tree
the books are my Grandma's

Prints from a beloved book
I tacked up with crystal headed pins

My babies many years ago
My dad's favorite chair and his smoking stand
The gallery of photos on the apothecary
is of my parents and grandparents.
The Big Ben from my Dad represents time passing
The crystal ball of my Mom's is the future

My memory gates are filled
with friend mementos.
Bloggie Buds look for yours.
I save them all.
The pennants are for shows
( when I do them- rarely)
It keeps them free from damage
The door opening is to hall

You saw my room at Christmas
This is the entrance to my studio loft

Now starting at left of room
and working back around

Nicer and more detailed shots are in the 
WWC Organizing Book
See my sidebar

Small craft library and more studio storage
in the hallway.
My toy Steiff dog from childhood.
Ben's mouse named Angel

First guest room

Doilies and laces from family
Dresser was my brother's
My husband carved the mirror for me
The antique coverlet from my beloved city
Franklin TN
I made the off white bird quilt
Put the new pillow I made in here

Second guest room
My parents brass bed that I and my brother may
have come from? 
I made the mixed media for Hannah
On the side cabinet her
 collection of hearts
Favorite Ralph Lauren linens
from MANY years ago

I've edited the rooms down to simple palettes.
Except for additional linens all
the drawers and cupboards 
are empty for guest's use.
Purging Success!
The snowflake afghan on bed was made
by the sweet 93 year old Viola 
I cared for a few years back.

Guest rooms available for rent?
Why not?

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Continuing On And A few Stories

So from the dining area you enter the
 kitchen, family room and back porch.
Coming as soon as I save my pennies,
a new corner sofa and a complete rearrange to
allow additional seating here. 
The yellow cupboard 
holds additional kitchenware.

Notice the church board calendar
on the right wall. 
Many of you have commented on it before.
Also spot the Alice in Wonderland Door.

My Italian Vietri Cucina Dishes
Love these - I traded several days of 
organizing labor for these many year ago
and have never regretted it.
Some day I hope I can afford serving ware.
With each serving piece being nearly $100.00 and up,
I'm not holding my breath.

That cart used to hold my Dad's jigsaw in his workshop.
After a thorough cleaning,
I left it in it's original condition, 
chipped paint and all.

The round basket above the spices holds
a very old piece of a house Hannah found
in an abandoned lot in NYC.
She knew I would love it, and squirreled it away in 
her suitcase for me.

Guess who - another photo bomb from Howie.
and a bit of Justice's butt.
She's drinking water I keep on the
trolley shelf, so she can find it.
The small cupboard to the left of the pantry door
 was once on a boat, and holds more spices.
The double stacked doors hold the
laundry chute, and more pantry space.
The antique yellow-ware lidded crock
holds the dog treats 
and Howie knows the sound
from rooms away!

On toward the porch

The old man painting I bought 
for my Dad for $3.00 when I was eight years old.
He made the frame
from barn wood he found on our land.
The bakers table in front of the shutters
is very unique and
has swing out seats and 
cutting boards tucked in.

This old kitchen cupboard holds bar glasses and 
party goods for outdoor entertaining.

So that's the first floor except
 for powder room and laundry.
Stay tuned for upstairs coming soon.


Thursday, February 6, 2014


All the holiday is cleared away and I've been 
yes..... again

I need some Spring and so the basket
will have some plant or flowers later today.

Many of the cupboards and drawers are
now nearly empty, or at least spacious. 
Only useful and meaningful things remain.

Of course a photo bomb from Howie.
I moved him three times and then gave up.

My only nod to the Feb holiday

When the photographer was here 
she quickly learned that
nearly everything in my home 
has a story
a history
or a purpose

 Into the den

Keeping the twinkle lights up for now.
I like them in this room at night
while watching Sherlock,
 Nova or American Experience.

Howie get off my bed!!!!
Mom says so.

Na na na na na na  I win.....