Monday, September 9, 2013

Famous Blue Raincoat

It has rained 18 of the past 24 days
Vegas - monsoon season
But holy holly bells....
 love the dampness 
and lower temps 
but dang it all
my hair
 a giant frizzy ball

Sitting in my comfy chair, 
burning my volcano candle, 
listening to pitter patter 
on the bushes just outside the window,
smelling the rain and
listening to an old favorite album

Cohen friends 
do you know about this?
Give a listen anyway - and those of you
immune to LC...

Crank up the volume 
stay with it until the end
for percussion
you can finger drum on the desk

close your eyes
listen to it rain


Karen said...

As a hearing impaired person, one of the sounds I miss the most is the quiet patter of rain....and the nuances of music.

I bet monsoon season in Vegas is a very welcome event.

Kathy said...

Thank you for sharing, Z, I loved it!

Sonja of Hickety Pickety said...

I'm a weirdo...I never listen to music unless the husband is in the car....I drove 90 miles to work for 4 years and never turned the radio on once...I've never bought a record or CD in my life...yep, I'm a strange one!
Maybe it's because I have so much chatter goin' on in this fool head of mine, I wouldn't hear the music anyway.

Rebecca said...

Love this rendition, I've heard it by LC, Willie and Cash... love this song!
Send some of that rain this way, we are dry!
Blessings today

The Boston Lady said...

Now why do you get rain and we don't? So strange to think of it raining so much in Vegas. Just when I think I have it all figured out.... love that song and special treat to hear even if I haven't seen rain since Feb. Ann

Jackie said...

Oh this rain is really cool, but not when I have to drive to work in it! UGH! If I could stay home and bake stuff, I love the rain! But we are busy (because of the rain) Lots of fender benders for us vehicle appraisers! Not complaining as long as no one gets hurt! I did get to come home and make peach bread pudding, will put recipe on my blog if it tastes good! Stay dry my friend!

joanne said...

awesome, just what I needed, thanks Z

Nella Miller said...

Hi Suz...September is all about rain here also, although we are still enjoying temps in the high eighties, but it is calling for rain tomorrow...I can tell, my sinuses tell me so...I love it when it rains actually, everything outside looks so green and yummy, and it smells like moss and wood, love it...keep well, sweet thing, N.xo

Beatnheart said...

no rain here in dusty dirty old town...
lovely story as always...
sweet pups.