Sunday, March 15, 2020

So Flippin' Cute

I've been pretty isolated for over
 two years now so the new normal does not
affect me as much as the rest of you.

I always have emergency supplies
so that has been Ok also. For now
 I'm having groceries delivered, 
and still being careful when handling.

What has really helped is this sweet boy.
Always busy playing by my side,
or sleeping tucked next to me
 or in his favorite spot,
on my chest.

He's a stubborn, determined pup at times,
(He has murdered two boxes of kleenex already.)
but we're working on things together.

Thought you all could use 
a sweet thought and pic
today. Walter says Hello!

Please be cautious, not fearful,
generous, not selfish,
and if you have nearby seniors 
please help them out if you can.

I have two neighbors who are checking on 
me, and there for me if I need anything.
That makes me feel less anxious, as I am 
extremely vulnerable and my kin
are so far away.

oh and BTW
vet says he's a jack russell mix.
That explains a lot


TheCrankyCrow said...

Happy Sunday Z.... Walter is just impossibly adorable....but, are going to have your hands full with the Jack Russell blood LOL... My husband's stepmother always had Jacks...and they seemed to always have boundless energy. Living where you do, you have much more cause to be concerned, but in our state, there have only been like 6 confirmed cases I think...and all in counties hours away from here. It is just discouraging to see the resulting selfishness, hoarding and stupidity of some. It was good to hear of the kindness of your friends/neighbors. And, I guess it has made for some very funny memes. ;-). Smiles & Hugs....oh wait, we're not supposed to do the hug thing just "Smiles" ~ Robin

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Hi Walter .... you look after Z for us ! Good to know that your neighbours are rallying round. I always have enough pasta in the house to feed London and tins in the cupboard. I have my shopping delivered but they are now leaving it on the doorstep which is right. What I can’t understand is why people are so desperate for toilet rolls ..... they are way down on my list ..... if the worst comes to the worst, there are always leaves as a last resort 😂🤣😂
Take care Z. XXXX

Unknown said...

My brother had a Jack Russell for awhile, named "Jane", she was lively as I recall! Sending a germ free virtual hug your way! I'm not sure when the wedding is, hopefully that can all go on as planned.

Karen said...

oh, he's so darn cute! I'm so glad you have him for company, especially now!