Monday, October 26, 2020

10 Months Old

 Walter is 10 months old

He is loving, funny, goofy, curious, demanding
clever, smart and wonderful.

When I adopted this wee little tyke
back in February I had no idea that he would be 
my only companion for a year, or perhaps longer...

I am his world, all that he knows,
so he has been loved and loved and loved
and he gives back to me even more.

More times a day than I can count,
he jumps, leaps, dives onto my lap, places a paw on 
either side of my neck and leans in cheek to cheek.
He holds there and then switches sides 
and then licks kisses till I make him stop. 

When he is not playing, he is either lying on my left leg while
chewing on a bully, lying between my ankles sleeping,
 tucked behind me on the couch sleeping, 
or perched behind my head on the couch 
with his chin on my shoulder.

Never more than 6 feet away from me.
Howie was the same;
remarkably the same.
Howie had something to do with
 Walter and I finding each other.
I just know it.



TheCrankyCrow said...

Happy 10 month birthday Walter!! Yes, you are a goofy, loving, fella....and I do believe there is a bit of Howie in you.... Either that, or he is coaching you from beyond fabulously. Hope you get some extra treats today...and lots of snuggles (like you don't already LOL).... Have a good week Z! ~Robin~

Kit said...

Yay! For Walter! He's the best. Howie sent him to you for sure. I am so glad it worked out so well. 💕 Kit

Karen said...

I LOVE THIS POST... and you know.. Walter and his eyebrows reminds me of an old favorite, now gone... Andy Rooney. LOL