Thursday, October 8, 2020

What Pie?

You have to be careful and quick around these parts.

I was having a slice of key lime pie 

while seated at the coffee table, when I noticed

Walter licking his face. Hmmmm? 

I turned around and looked at my plate and

Yep, a small section was a little squished and flattened.

Don't know how he did it.

I do know that even the slightest bit of dairy

will later on send odiferous plumes into the air,

that are ridiculously unpleasant. 

He is not yet used to the process, and when it happens, 

he jumps up, checks his posterior area, 

and searches for the source of 

the sound and odor.

My darling daughter early on 

dubbed him a little weirdo.

he is he is he is

and he appears to be channeling the FLASH

AS for everything else in the world


It's all been said in a myriad of ways, 

by a million folks,

and me saying anything more feels like 

throwing a stinky, tar covered, hole riddled pair of

tennis shoes on top

of a steaming pile of manure.

It doesn't hurt it, help it or make any difference.





Tracey Broome said...

WTF is about the best I can do these days as well. I feel like I am coming down with some sort of trump-itis. His chaos is wearing me out! Pie eating puppy is a good cure for the 2020 blues though:)

TheCrankyCrow said...

LOL on the "surprising process." He must be funny to watch.... but me thinks I'd be stealing a bite (more likely, the entire piece) of that pie!!! And, yeah...that's a great matter what side you're one. :-( ~Robin~

Sandra said...

Thank you for a day brightener. Walter is a loveable scamp, but who doesn't love key lime pie?! said...

Not only great eye brows but he loves pie!! What a sweetie. Yes, definitely WTF!! Can't stand him but love watching Colbert and SNL make fun of him. I need to laugh. Or I'd cry. Kit