Tuesday, September 29, 2020

So What's New?

So my dear girl and her writing partner Jenny,
were selected in the top 2% of 13,175 entries to the
Austin film festival and they are 1 of only 20 
selected in their category.
Busting Buttons Time

Hannah and Tom have also become Vegan,
graduating up from Pescatarian.
How I wish I had the discipline.

Dearest son has been working his butt off
on a big project coming in December on your 
main streaming channel. Tell you all about it when I can
Busting Buttons x 2

On weekends Ben is working on their new home,
redoing their bathroom, hanging wallpapers, 
building a shed, multiple planters and more; 
 last weekend removing all their sod 
and replacing with an eco friendly
ground cover, tiny plug by tiny plug.

see the tiny specs of green?

They walk the walk- solar home, electric cars.
Purchase only items made here, 
avoiding eco impact in shipping;
not supporting any company using child labor
 or unfair practices.
That means buying a sofa or any item
 can take hours of research, 
as many companies hide the origins.

Walter is of course still a little lovable weirdo.
9 months old now!

His antics, and my joy watching them, can be found
 on my Instagram account here

You will also find on my IG, my obsession with Imperfect Foods boxes,
that I receive each Tuesday and the meals I make with them.

I do tend to post more frequently over there,
 as I can do that and simultaneously
toss and catch toys, rocks etc with Walter.
I love my trusty old blog which is really 
just a journal for myself that happens to be public,
so I'll still be kicking along here.

So kids, dog, food
what else is there in this new reality
well except our looming peril?...

oh and yeah the big one
Dearest Son and Darling DIL are married

shhhh don't say anything
Wedding still next May.

I got permission to tell as the secret since January
was not remaining secret. 

We are all thrilled! 





TheCrankyCrow said...

Wowsers....bunches of good news....you best get started on sewing back on all those buttons! But they were busted well deservedly. How cool about Hannah!!! Top 2% YIKES!!! I love writing, but could never imagine writing screenplays, etc. My head just doesn't think that way LOL. And Walter...well, he makes me giggle every time I see him. Hope you don't leave blogging. I have an instagram account...or did....but maybe have accessed it 3x in all the years I've had it....and FB...well, I avoid that as much as I can without totally isolating myself. Food looks great...but yikes! Once a week you get that much???? I'd be hard-pressed to figure out what to do with it all! ~Robin~

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Lovely news for you in this strange old world.
I love blogging the best ..... everything else is so quick, instant, impersonal and not so interesting to me. Blogging has become old fashioned and many of my old blogging friends have left blogging and gone over to the newer social media platforms. Have you seen the documentary Social Dilemma .... it would put you off any social media platforms for life !!!!! XXXX