Monday, December 7, 2020

Z's Christmas 2020

Still playing here and there as I come across small items
 I find while combining/purging bins and boxes in storage.

Each year the sun porch gets a little more color at Christmas.
It's good to change things up now and again.

Added a funky tree with ornaments from our old family tree.
Such fun to see them again after many years without.
Shed a few tears with the memories.

My live Norfolk loves this sunny spot.
This year I brought out my prized vintage quilt by my Grandma.
Hand pieced and quilted and it's in perfect condition.
I had to find a spot out of direct light, which isn't
easy in a room that is mostly windows.

Not filling stockings this year but added for color anyway

Walter prefers a sun nap also

First he pulled his bedding out of his crate, played with it awhile
and then fell asleep under it. Such a weirdo
Notice the kitchen floor strewn with toys and such.
It's like having a toddler in the house again.

So many folks in such dire straits.
Not that I don't have some issues during 11 months of isolation,
but I count my blessings and give thanks for them 
every day, as so far, I am safe.

I have friends, neighbors and kids who have helped out
this year in many ways and I am ever so grateful.
Many seniors are not so lucky.
Being health compromised any trip out is dangerous,
in my case, life threatening.

If you know of any folks alone in your neighborhood,
in your world, please reach out. A trip to a store that won't deliver,
or a trip to a store so they don't have to pay delivery charges.
Sure many deliver free after 35.00
but what if all you need is packing tape without
the 13.00 a month for subscription delivery.
Believe me, to many seniors, 13.00 breaks the budget.

I refused all help for many months, but
folks kept asking anyway knowing my pride was 
answering and finally I did accept help.
I have a neighbor who brings my trash bins
 up my downhill driveway after they are emptied.
She puts them right up against my garage door
for easy access.
I can roll them downhill fairly easily but 
she realized the reverse was an issue.
She walks every day around our island,
and just started doing it. Bless her.

I pray all of you are doing well
and making good choices during a time when 
choices are more complicated.
Stay safe stay well




Sandra said...

Thank you for another charming post. I feel so comfortable at your house, evn though I've never been ther in person. The pictures paint a lovely picture of a warm and gracious home.

TheCrankyCrow said...

I spied that quilt IMMEDIATELY LOL. It is tres gorgeous...what a treasure! And to have it be from your grand, even more so. Lucky, lucky, you. Your rooms...and touches...each and every one...are truly beautiful..and in some very important way (these times) very calming. LOL silly Walter. I have a kitten that has to burrow under every rug he has ever met and nap...even large heavy carpeting....and, gee...I have said having Snowdog is like having a toddler around...I know EXACTLY what you I look around my toy-strewn living room. Be well and safe....glad you are being shown some kindnesses. ~Robin~

Colleen MacKinnon; Penny Rugs and More said...

Oh, I love it all! I have started playing, emptying the storage and editing. Oh yes the memories come flooding in. Thanks for the inspiration. Hello Walter! Keeping your mom busy and such good company. Thank goodness for neighbours Z, you made very good points about the needs we don't realize others may have. Stay safe.

Prims By The Water said...

Oh Z your room is so warm and festive! I spotted that wonderful quilt before reading it was your grammas. I have a white apothecary, so next year I am going to add my santa collection to its drawers like you did! I do worry about my mom living 2 hrs away, but thankfully she has neighbors that look out for her too. anice

Kit said...

Looking so good! Oh that quilt is incredible. So true, we all need some help from time to time especially now adays. It is hard to allow folks to help but it really is a good thing to let people give their help. You take care. Love, Kit 💕

mary scott said...

It all is so charming. thanks

donna baker said...

It's all beautiful. You have grit and determination. I haven't decorated at all this year. We are going to drop by they kid's houses. I ruptured a disk in my back last month and spent a week in hell. The pain was unbearable. Been to the neurosurgeon, neurologist and anesthesiologist for a shot in spine. I am tripping over my own foot. I hope it comes back to normal. I don't know what is next for now. I am not going to wear geriatric frankenshoes or use a cane. So many places I still want to go. Have a merry Xmas with you and yours.