Sunday, August 14, 2011


Should I begin with the story of Howie locking himself in the bathroom today? (for those who don't know, Howie is a cocker spaniel). Actually that is misplaced blame as I did not notice he had curled up in the cool room to sleep and closed the door. When I heard scratching, I discovered the door was locked. How? I think Howie was playing games with me in retaliation for being neglected the  past few days. After 30 minutes of attempting to unlock the door and 2 frantic calls to SIL for advice - ( she has grandchild adept at locking situations)  After trying 6 different implements, success, hallelujah! and I swear he smirked as he calmly walked out..

Other than that I, have been destroying the downstairs. Every room.
I had been anxiously awaiting the photo shoot to be over so that I could purge and pare down even more.
I started with the porch.
Simplify Simplify

The tables are piled high and bins are full of items to be sold or given away. I love this feeling of examining and assessing. Getting to the basics.
Keeping only the useful,
 or items I favor.

Do you even remember what it looked like last year?

I have a lovely bottle rack coming, so the bakers table
top will change again once it arrives.

Last two days for giveaway. Ends Midnight Monday.
My humble thank you for the generous response.
Many of you have shared with me your joy
at finding these new friends. 
I told you they were cool, and oh "the ribbon lady",
Carole, started a blog.
Welcome her, please.


Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Sounds like your clever little guy was having some fun with Mommie!

Love your beautiful home and good luck with the simplifying. Looks wonderful just as it is to me.


Carole said...

Oh that Howie....that little bugger.
I'm loving the new look...very sirene. Almost makes me forget it's like a thousand degrees outside those doors. Ahh now I know why you like white so much besides the fact that it's so pretty.

Will so go over to Carole's blog.


Susie~From My Home To Yours said...

Well I'm glad you and Howie are both safe! He's just so darn cute!

So good luck on your simplification project. I have also been trying to limit my stuff to that which is useful or just my favorite things. It feels good to purge some of the excess.

Of course, should you feel the need to send any 'white' stuff you don't want my way...I wouldn't refuse!

Take care my friend..dont work too hard.


Anonymous said...

How I adore all of the white dishware. Simplicity at it's finest!

Blessed Serendipity said...

Everything looks great. It always feels so good to occasionally rearrange and fluff. Keep our favs and get rid of the rest. I need to clean out some closets. What are you doing next week? ;) Glad you got your doggie out of the bathroom. Maybe he needed a little privacy and decided to lock the door. LOL.


Donna Reyne' said...

you have been busy! It looks amazing and I get the whole paring down again thing...I have been doing it again too! Pretty soon I will be close to minimalism:)
Well, close!
Howie is too funny! keeping you hopping these days!Dogs are just like children...I can't wait to get another!(When the house is finished)
And last but not least,
I am so excited about the ribbon lady starting a blog!
Hugs my dearest!

Low Tide High Style said...

So glad Howie is safe and sound on the "other" side of the door! I love your new pared down look, but then I love all of your looks! I can't wait to check out "the ribbon lady's" blog!

Enjoy your beautiful simplicity!

Kat :)

Createology said...

We have little "spam can" like keys above the bathroom doors just for occasions like Howie had. Your home looks so serene and beautiful. I am off to welcome the ribbon lady...

erin's art and gardens said...

lookin good! i still have a bit of a mess has to get bad before it gets good. poor howie. he he. sorry for laughing howie.

Vicki said...

These photos are fantastic. So pretty. I'm so glad the ribbon lady started a blog. I'm headed over to visit.

Blondie's Journal said...

Howie seems to have welcomed the attention he got!! Well, we all love to get fussed over now and then! I'm glad everything turned out all right.

Your home is lovely...I can't imagine it cluttered, it looks just perfect!

Thanks for the link...I'm off to visit!


Tanya said...

That Howie...he's a hoot, that's what he is!

I am afraid to be really stupid sounding here, but am intrigued as to what exactly the wooden round on the tabletop is? A lid, perhaps?

Happy Sunday evening, Z

Olive said...

I remember my first communication with you was when I asked how many ironstone pitchers you had. The answer was a lot. Now you simplify. I do get it though. Sometimes I have an urge to just throw everything at our old house away and we might just do it one day. Howie, like a small child created some chaos.

Amy Kinser said...

Your simplification is just beautiful.

I am trying to do the same thing, but it is so hard to get rid of things that I "think" I might use in the future. Any words of advice on how to get rid of stuff that you are questioning?

Rebecca said...

Ha, smart little guy!
Love the porch, love that cabinet...
it all looks wonderful

Boxwood Cottage said...

LOL @ Howie!
Love your porch Z, can't wait to hear more about the photoshoot!
Simplify is exactly what I need to do, I can feel it for some weeks now. If you can do it, then I hope I can do it too, it's not easy for a collecter, right, but I will start it as soon as I'm back from my Summer vacation.

June said...

So glad to hear that Howie is free again to move about the cabin!

I wish you would rub off on me!!!!
Too much stuff over here!
love to you...

My name is Riet said...

HI I just started following you, not for the give away but just because I like your blog and style. I am Riet and I live in Holland. I saw your name in June's blog.

College Essays said...

Thank you for featuring that post. It's very close to my heart.

Susan McShannon-Monteith said...

I do love your cupboards and am intrigued by the angel on the wall. Is it of your making?
One can never tell what mischief a pet can get into can they.
Have a great week.
Susan x

time worn interiors said...

I'm with you on the down sizing thingy! Finally got my kitchen/sunroom painted yesterday. But, guess what? Gotta paint it again! Not sure what is going on with the paint, bought two gallons and they are different colors! I could have cried, well I think I did! 14 x 40 room! I was so happy to have it done till I started noticing some differences where my daughter cut in! Low and behold, 2 different colors! Not sure if Lowes will do anything about it or not! Still doesn't compensate for my time! Oh well it's gonna be another long day here!

Razmataz said...

If I hadn;t seen your home in person, I would swear you adjust your camera to sepia tone. It all looks fabulous. No wonder a magazine was there to film it. Love the room with a little less, although it is all so interesting!

Hope you are good girl!

Jill said...

Pared or full it's gorgeous. I do see the good in simplifying though :)

Cindy said...

I am glad Howie is safe! Our animals really do run our lives!
I LOVE your home! so serene and beautiful. You are a very talented decorator and designer.

We received 2" of rain! woo hoo!

Romeo said...

HOWIE?! What were you thinking?!? I mean look at all the ear rubs and treats you missed?! I don't think I would advise that again - she'll be on to you and might just leave you in there for a while. Just saying....

Z, I sooooooo love your house. And I thought you had the photos in sepia....until I read Razmataz's comment....Oh my whiskers.....when can I move in ;)


Romeo and "her"

The Boston Lady said...

I too thought the camera was on sepia. My feeling when looking at your pictures of your wonderful space is serenity and cool temps. I know where you live so both are a tremendous accomplishment! Just beautiful. Ann

Carol said...

Simply beautiful and such serenity.