Monday, August 15, 2011

Family Room check! check!

Well I'm happy with it. I've always loved this couch. 
It was the one that was on the porch.
Got it for free over 25 years ago,
 and it was "gently used" then. I recovered it twice,
 and now it is slip covered and it is still going strong.
Gotta love those old Drexels.

Finally found a home for this gorgeous wool rug that
I bought from West Elm last year at 75% off.
It feels like a sweater to my feet.
Be a good dog Howie!
The pooches are rolling on it like it is catnip.

I still have "things" as many of you asked, but I evaluated
each one before including it back into the room.
I had to love it or use it.
It is a cleaner look for sure, 
but not cold, or less cozy to me. 

I still have all the lampshades to work on, covering
them with other fabrics or trims, updating them.
The french door you see to the right
 is to the back porch you visited yesterday.
So tonight is the end of the giveaway.
Midnight PST 

I've met some delightful new gals, visited new blogs
 and had a grand old time.
 I wish you all could win a little something 
because you mean so much to me.

I will announce the winners as soon as I finish
making all the drawing slips,  
and verifying the winners. 
WoOt wOoT

I did my best to reply to all of 
the comments except for those of you who are
"no reply comment".
(please put your email in your profile ladies)


Susie said...

Love your cozy room. Is it your den? I enjoy having a cozy place to read or write. Smiles, Susie

Razmataz said...

What I love is that there are so many wonderful things to look at. I would have a hard time making conversation...I'd be looking around all the time. said...

OMG!!!!!LOVE it and yesterdays room too!!!! This definitely needs to be in a magazine, or have you already done that. Well even if you have it is time to do it again. It is gorgeous!!!Such talent...amazing:) I saved all of it to my 'inspirational folder', because you are definitely inspirational.
~Debra xxx
Capers of the vintage vixens

Unknown said...

Very cozy and sweet love all the pitchers

Charlene said...

Pretty! Your photos are always so pretty! Have a great week.

she dreams big! said...

You have such a lovely home. Almost what I am striving for in my own (with my own spin on it of course)! Thanks for all of the inspiration!

Sandi said...

Your room looks very cozy and inviting! Just the place to sit down and rest for awhile.
Several rooms need help here, but I am trying to find the gumption to work on them. ha!!

My Grama's Soul said...

Hi Z....I love your cozy new look. It is so nice to live with the motto "less is more".



the old white house said...

Hi Z! Both rooms are just gorgeous, your home is always beautiful and cozy. It really does reflect the owner, you know :)
I love every change, but I am wondering... where is that fabulous painting of the old man now?
Gotta go check out Carole's new blog! t. xoxooxox

E. Charlotte said...

Simply lovely! It's such a welcoming room!

June said...

Certaily no less cozy Z. It is just lovely.
love to you on this Monday...

Amy Kinser said...

Your room looks beautiful. Doesn't it feel freeing to get rid of stuff? I have been cleaning out my linen closet, drawers, and just basic organizing today. We homeschool and are getting ready to start back so I have to get things done so I feel "ready".

Faded Charm said...

Lookin Good!!!! I don't know how you choose when you have such fabulous stuff. I bet it feels good though:-)


Romeo said...

*sigh* still in love with your talent and your would never know that those walls are yellow. You're right pure sepia look which I LOVE LOVE LOVE. Did I mention LOVE? You may well have gotten rid of some things but I totally agree that it is no less cozy. I gotta tell you that my favorite thing (don't laugh please) is that you have a regular primitive table and two chairs in front of the couch rather than a coffee table. I am really loving that idea! I so wish I could do that in mine but for now I need to be satisfied without my "touch" in the living room. One day though....and I WILL be replicating that idea :)

Another great job. When are you coming over to redo my house?!? ;)

Howie....please try and be a good've already had enough fun this week....

"Her" and Romeo

Kit said...

Your room looks lovely and very inviting. What you have done has inspired me to edit my spaces. Thanks for the push. :) Kit

Tina said...

Love your family room - it´s so cosy. Wish I had a family room like that

Donna Reyne' said...

You have the most beautiful home Z! It's so comfortable and cozy!
I love the rug...well, okay so I love everything!
Hope you have a wonderful day...I am thinkin' about you!

YONKS said...

That is my kinda room! So cosy.
Lovely photos, just a joy to visit :-)

Connie in Hartwood said...

I totally admire your dedication and I hope I can muster a little bit of it here as I try to get started on what you have already accomplished. Your rooms (this one and the one yesterday) look so deliberate and purposeful! I love every single piece that you have chosen to include in them. The baker's table and armoire make me swoon.

Congratulations on a fantastic job well done!!

Karmen said...

You're amazing. I just love the room. Karmen

time worn interiors said...

It looks great! Boy you do a lot of ironstone pitchers! Hahaha! I had three left from my last purge but they are going, going, gone!

erin's art and gardens said...

so, Z is for coZy. i'd like to plop right down on that old sofa and take in all the goodness. i just love your treatment of the fireplace. all those pitchers grouped together are fabulous!! job well done. doesn't it feel good?

gail said...

I love it!!! You did a great job. I know what you mean about less "stuff". I'm trying to do the same thing and still keep the coziness. You got it just right!
p.s. now I have to go visit your porch...didn't see that yet!

gail said...

love your porch, too!! I love all the soft whites that you have...they are so calming.
Also love the angel...will you every sell her? (to me, of course)

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Loving your family room Z...and I just love your porch too! I'm going back to take in every detail, truly inspiring!

Carole said...

looks very cozy...enough so that I would roll around on the rug with Howie!