Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Project Genesis

is returning this Thursday Sept 1
Again please, no self promotion,
 link only to your PG post, not just to your blog 
and no thrifting or remakes please.

Remember it does not have to be a big profound post
on how you are saving the world, 
unless you are, then please share..
Any info, great websites, small/large environmental 
changes you are making;
all are welcome and appreciated.
If you wish to see some previous links,
 check my sidebar for prior PG days and some 
great gals and their posts for Project Genesis.
(I still get emails on my vinegar uses post,
lots of gals removing fish odors lol)
Email me with any questions and 
please join us! 
It's the only planet we've got.

1 comment:

marcela cavaglieri said...

Hi Girl! Can't join in this time...have nothing ready or any energy left to write anything BUT I'll make sure to visit all the participants!