Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Red Letter Day

Kids- I have great kids and yesterday was a great day for them. Hannah received her first college acceptance "fat envelope" which was fun and Ben called to alert me to his terrific article in the huffingtonpost. 169642.html
I was working at Sue's yesterday and did not get home till late and went to check the mail even later so I called Hannah at midnight to tell her there was an admissions envelope waiting, and she told me to open it, and yippeee! Here we go waiting for the rest to come in. SO exciting!

Sue and I have been working on new designs for her bedroom and last night was the night to hang her curtains. As usual I poked starter holes for the anchors with my Dad's old ice pick. After doing the first side of one I started on the other and hit a stud. Trying to save myself the trouble of getting out my drill, I tapped a little harder on the ice pick with my hammer and then spent the next 35 minutes trying to get the %$#@ thing back out. I guess a "tap" was not exactly what I did, I had pounded the thing about 2" into the stud. After trying every wrench, plier (locking and other wise),I called for reinforcements from Sue's hulky 6'4' son Scott, who, yanked, pounded and pulled another 10 minutes and then he gave up. By now the wooden end of the pick has come off and I am trying to grasp just the slim metal rod. I sent up a silent plea to my Dad for assistance and "poof" out it came. Of course when Scott came back to check, we told him he had "loosened" it for me. We tell that to all the men.....

Today is scrubbing tile day...ugh...and I should get back to it. I'll be scheduling Finish it Day very soon. If anyone has any input, let me know ASAP. I'm leaning toward a Saturday and we'll start at 10:00 am and go until ? Some will be overnight guests...even more fun! You will have to register to attend.

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