Wednesday, August 4, 2021

The Bucket

It's been quite awhile since I felt the need to 
make a deposit in the 
**** It Bucket

Today I had to

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Whew that felt good.
We all have had 17 months of ranting about Covid and
politics and climate and loss and on and on. 
it is exhausting and although screaming at the tv and 
just hollering in general inside your home helps some, 
it doesn't replace the satisfaction of pounding on keys
and getting your thought into a semi lucid order.

Here is the place to rant about whatever 
is stuck in your craw.
You can be unknown if need be.
No judgements unless you are a #45 supporter. 
But then you would never have followed me in 
the first place. 



Sharon said...

Yes, well said. I have mental health issues to prove it. Very difficult to live in this dictatorship after freedom. I condemed what has and is happening to the USA. I am a Baby Boomer, and have you noticed that we are being attacked. Some blame us for the housing shortage, because they want our homes. They want our hard earned "wealth" to be given to others. It is actually kinda scary, will we be harmed in some way?

Salty Pumpkin Studio said...

Fake headlines, Start the slide show, and Next button before the articles Next button.
The major news websites seem to be full of headlines that link to a website where the information is not delivered up front. If there are 3 foods you shouldn't eat to save your life or signs of a heart attack, then that information shouldn't be buried under slideshows or pitches to buy products.