Wednesday, December 21, 2022

December 21


For many years, I hosted a sit down dinner for my 12 closest
friends at Christmas. I decked the house to the nines and tried 
to outdo each prior year with gifts and food.
One year topped them all, when I hired a madrigal group
from a local HS attended by Ivan, my son's closest friend,
and a second son to me.
Ivan is the first male on the left in first photo.

Many of the gals were notoriously late every year,  so I insisted
that they arrive exactly on time, or there would be hell to pay. 
The madrigals were lined up out front and 
performed for them as they arrived.  

Once they completed several songs out front, the kids all filed in and 
performed from the stairs while we had our traditional first 
toast of Chambord and Champagne.

 I wanted memories and I think I succeeded.

We quickly cooked up some cocoa for all
and sent them on their way as
we settled into the festivities. 

These kids are all approaching late 30's now,
hard for me to comprehend. 
Where is it all going, this time thing?
I am now just 6 months from turning 70 and 
inside feel about 26.

Just before he died my, dad was reflecting on this topic,
and he told me that he, at age 71, felt about 25, 26 inside and that 
the same would happen to me as it does to everyone. 
I remember looking at grandparents and my folks in my 20's, 30's
 and thinking how old they were and looked. 
I am older now than many of them lived to be, and under 2 years 
of when my folks passed.

A good friend and I comment on the passing of famous folks
now and we're always noticing their age.
what? 60 63 67 !
This pal is 2 years older than me, so yeah it is jarring.
All the more reason that looking back is lovely,
well, sometimes, but it's more important to 
think about what we have ahead.
When faced with an unending amount
of "issues", three this week alone, I have to constantly remind myself.
Those of you with grandkids have such joys waiting.
Make the best of it. 

Lord knows the world is a mess;
keep your loved ones near, and cherish every ordinary,
 boring day. Each one a gift.


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Salty Pumpkin Studio said...

Each day is a gift. Your dinners made great memories for many people.
It scares me when I think about how many famous celebrities, people have lived during my life time that are now gone. Very weird to hear hippies spoken about in a historical context, in the past context.