Saturday, December 10, 2022

December 10


small drawers

small cubbies

I cannot resist

This is on the wall above my computer table

A few of the items: Jesus plaque from my grandfather, handcarved driftwood bird from oldest friend,
quote that hung above my father's desk forever, beaded coin purse/grandma,
oldgreymare shot glass I found in shop in CA,
prayer beads in box from machu picchu from dearest friend Nat,
radiometer/dad, heart rocks collected for me by DD and friends
small painted salt shaker/mom, favorite figurine for my mom/I bought when I was young 

postal scale/dad, pinecone under cloche from grave of Viola a friend's mom

 I cared for, carved figures/philippines/dad in navy,

Native american bowl grandma bought on vacation over 70 years ago,

wool braids from rug that were never made. 

Carved birds on top from son Ben 

SO much love, memories.

Something I find missing in many of the IG posts of young gals.

They must showcase their vendors, products and modern is "in" but...

Give me my past, and well loved pieces thru the centuries 

if you please. 

Also, as pretty as their rooms are - is it just me, or do they all look alike?

I'm just an old woman I guess, hooked on Acorn and accounts from Europe

and following folks who dig old stuff lol

Will their children remember the Designer pieces

of their home/ bought from the half dozen conglomerate stores

they all represent?

Will that furniture even last 50 years, let alone over 100?

Will the family remember the meals on grandma's dishes, using 

great grandma's silver? Will they snuggle under an old quilt made lovingly by hand 

and not from a factory abusing children and women for cheap labor? 

Forgetting history is problematic in more ways 

than just decor. 

Don't misunderstand, I shop at those stores and appreciate many of the products.

But only as accessories to the pieces in my home that matter.

My daughter's apt is full of vintage pieces from me and her street finds.

Her dishes are from her great grandmother Rennie.

I know my pieces will lovingly find homes in hers some day,

and what doesn't already has my friends names on their backs.

I reminded one the other day- since she is several years older than I am,

what are the chances she could take after I'm gone? hehe  

My son is making nearly all of his furniture by hand. 

He is doing caning on many of the pieces just like many before him. 

It is modern but so meaningful to both of them. 

This stuff matters.

I hate our throw away society.

things AND people



TheCrankyCrow said...

You had me at cubbies (and drawers)...I am hopelessly addicted...and ashamedly green with envy over your computer wall cubbies. Gah! And wonderful treasures. I could spend hours going through them and hear your memories that go with them. (Also love the little touches of Christmas perfectly interspersed among the treasures.) I so agree about the disposable generation. It hurts my heart. We must be living parallel lives. I had been to my neighbor's a few weeks ago...her home was amazingly decorated for the holidays...and I absolutely loved everything. But when I was home pondering my whether I could ever achieve such a look in my home (should I ever decide to decorate again), I realized I couldn't. The things I bring out year after year have too many memories attached to be left behind. It may be the same as it was 20 years ago, but there is meaning there at least for me while I know/suspect that my neighbor will have a completely new "theme" next year. Yes, she includes some very funky, fun, "old" treasures (that's why I loved everything) but they most likely will be changed out too. Sometimes I feel like I am just getting old...but, then again, I know I was born with this old soul. ~Robin~

Salty Pumpkin Studio said...

Interesting, well stated post.
I notice looking at a holiday magazine issue highlighting country homes, how much they are similar.

Jillayne said...

Love this post... it's true for me too. I don't like the "cookie cutter" look of a designed room, regardless of how they try to mix it up. Rooms evolve, develop over time and having pieces from our past adds soul and character. I love that your kids recognise that - mine do too and it makes my heart sing knowing that some of what I treasure will fall into their grateful hands someday.

susan hemann said...

I have an antique mail sorter from Burton, Ohio
it was in the post office, it's huge!!
I love it, but hate to dust it. I used to take everything out at Christmas and fill all the cubbies with ornaments. Too much work these days lol
anyway I love to see what others put in their cubbies