Friday, December 16, 2022

December 16


It began with this...

Oh, the life that has been lived since then.

I miss so much of early blogging.

The White Wednesdays where we met so many friends.

The crafting together and support of small at home shops. 

Watching each other's kids grow up, get married, 

start families.  

The in depth conversations, with very 

little judgement, and tons of support. Those conversations led off

the blog into emails, and true friendships that carry on for me today.

We cried together, laughed together, told each other we would get through

the heartache, the heartbreak.

I still prefer blogs.

I've lost track of so many as they quit blogs, or turned to

only IG or changed names etc.

I wish everyone still commented like we used to,  

so I could catch up and see how their lives turned out.

I tried for several decades to keep a journal, and always 

failed miserably so I thought blogging might work.

For 15 years ( August 2008) it has.

If any of you reading this, were here at the start,

please comment with just a hello, and your IG if that's where you went.

I'd love to see you again.



Jillayne said...

I came to blogging in 2008 and found you soon after... yes, I loved those days too, the conversations, the sharing and inspiration - it's why last year I began to post on a regular basis. I've enjoyed so many things about your blog and what you share - and I especially love the "setting a timer" to get things done - I do it all the time and it's changed everything!

Colleen MacKinnon; Penny Rugs and More said...

I loved blogging, couldn't keep a diary either. Blogging helped me write. I started in 07 (!) Can't remember when I found you.

TheCrankyCrow said...

I wasn't with you from the start...I didn't find blogland until the beginning of 2011 (how many lifetimes ago was that??) and I think it was much later that I discovered "you;" then I went MIA for long periods and missed much even afterwards, but I am back now and glad to be - and gladder yet that you are still here. I don't remember "White Wednesdays," but do remember well the "chains" (sometimes hard to keep up with, sometimes cheesy, but you truly learned things about other bloggers and your followers learned about you), exchanges and giveaways, the sharing...but most, the friendships and bonds that were forged. I've tried FB and IG...and it just.isn't.the.same. It is too superficial. But, like you, blogging has for me morphed from what it once was perhaps, but has become an important way of journaling life. Perhaps we don't spell out each and every cross or life detail but, looking back through posts, they capture moments in time that trigger the memories of "life then." ~Robin~

NMK said...

Hello ! I have neglected my blog for a long time . I struggled with all the odd comments , so I stopped . Some of my rug hooking friends are asking me to revive my blog . As long as I can get my pictures from my phone to the computer & then to my blog I am going to give it a try .
Have a Wonderful Holiday Season and hope to post some new things !!!
Take Care

susan hemann said...

I too miss the early days of blogging. Mine has gone by the wayside. I used to love White Mondays!! I would link up. It was such fun to see what everyone was making. I do love IG, but it's just not as personal.