Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Almost made it

 Sometimes it's a fail on one side,

but a win on the other.

The gang arrived and all bets were off for 

a #24 or #25

Christmas Eve dinner- I pulled off one of

my best, but no photos.

I just can't halt a moment to take a photo. I'm in the moment,

not of the moment.

Brunch on Christmas morning 

was also grand.

Dogs are a constant, playing, barking 

terror, then they go to their separate corners and sack out

(thank heaven)

Walter is a teenager and so a girl around 

has him in hormonal frenzy and Rilo doesn't seem to mind a bit.

I wish she'd just nip him a good one cause all you hear is "Walter stop!!!"

from all of us.

Leftovers today and a chore list for kids to help

me do a few I cannot do, or would take me twice as long to do.

Computer stuff, new phone stuff, stuck door stuff,

replace tub faucet, easy repair of two lamps, and help replacing bulbs

in string lights. Most of these are issues I have with arthritis and

neuropathy in fingers.

Everyone is CA bound tomorrow.

I'll take a day to recoop and then begin to dismantle.

Then I'm selling off some more stuff.

I intend to have this be the last big Hurrah! Christmas.

Hope your holidays were what you wanted.

Hope this new year brings peace and help for so many in need. 

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Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Sounds as if you had the best time over Christmas Z ..... we did too. I always forget to take photographs . There is more to life than taking photos of our meals !!!! I love Christmas but I'm ready to get back to normal life now. XXXX