Saturday, December 3, 2022

December 3

 My studio

#3 in the sorta advent

BTW none of these are in order of importance

just as they pop into my head

Many of you who have been around from the start, know 

that this is my refuge, from well...anything,

often from myself and my troublesome thoughts.

This studio enabled me to spend the day with Jo Packham at my home,

and have several other photo shoots here and

 I was included in magazines and a book!

Never in my wildest...

It's a hodgepodge, tiny, yet cozy.

If you search studio on the blog you will see

 many more photos over the years beginning in 2008

I added a coffee/cocoa bar this year for the visiting troops

but I've found it to be wonderful for me, and Walter 

searches the trash can daily for empty water bottles

that he can crunch on and play with. 

I signed up for two on line art classes this year

and I am enjoying that very much.

The latest is Fodder School 2, a year long class

with wonderful instructors, one new each month.

I've gotten a little behind due to holiday decorating, but 

that's done now, so I'll be paint splattered in no time.

Hope your holidays are shaping up and that everyone is able to spend time
 with family or their chosen loved ones.



Salty Pumpkin Studio said...

Very nice, your office has a safe and cozy vibe. Good textures there. The weaving is interedting. I can see a quilt pattern there.

Decorating light this year.

Barbara said...

I'm so enjoying your postings! You're encouraging me in my gratitude journey. Thanks!