Wednesday, December 7, 2022

December 7


DJR, my dad passed in 2000

My kids had not seen him in almost 3 years 
as he could no longer travel, and I was 
in the middle of a mess in my marriage.

They have very limited memories of him.
My daughter told me she thinks her memories of him 
are only because of the few pictures we have.

He adored his two grandchildren and I deeply regret
not going back to Pa for weeks, months at a time so that
they would have those memories for real.
I made the wrong choices, for the wrong person,
the fault is mine.

DJR was an intentional memory maker, a life guide,
my entire life.

I tell stories about him all the time,
praying that those memories and lessons
somehow stick around awhile longer.
You never really die until the memories do.