Friday, December 2, 2022

December 2

December 17, 2017 
Went to my GP, rushed to hospital -
I was in the emergency room all night.
My life changed.
My health had taken a deep nose dive.
These items I am so grateful for.
For nearly two years I was in this house alone connected to a 
 75' O/2 concentrator. Then 18 months completely alone with Walter during covid.
Last month I was informed I didn't have to see
 pulmonology or cardiology for an entire year!

These meds, daily injections and this portable concentrator
have put me back to almost my old self.
I can now go a lot of places where I still need O/2.
Most importantly I was able to attend Ben's wedding in 2021.

I had to privately buy this 2700.00 baby during covid 
as my local providers had none available.

I sent it in to my insurance and an 18 month battle ensued.
I kept records of all the transactions and timed the long holds and conversations 
and recorded the names of every rep I spoke to.
Phone time was over 40 hours, 
as I received very few promised call backs.
Paperwork and scans were over an inch high.
I spoke to over 25 different reps and several of them multiple times.

Finally as a last ditch effort, I researched my insurer and 
got the names /emails of Board of Directors and the CEO.

I emailed the CEO late on a Thursday in a long detailed explanation of 
why this should be covered.
Friday morning at 8 am I received a call from his aid who promised
a call Monday morning after research.  

That call came - I  told my story.
At the end of the week I received a letter
 with a check enclosed for the amount minus my 

Why is this huge and warrants a #2 on my sorta advent?
That 2700.00 is 4 months income to me.
( lol some of you just did the math) 
why is another LONG story

so these deserve a spot as 2022 saw a HUGE 
improvement in my quality of life.



Ann said...

Your story and mine are similar. I contacted my medical insurance provider before buying a $1900 electric scooter. “ Yes, it’s covered.” Then I the sent the bill, then I got a letter from my doctor for them. Then I got another letter from my doctor for them. That was 6 weeks ago. No check. I’ve been with this insurer for 40 years. Now this. I’m grateful for your story. Going the extra mile sometimes pays off. I wish you all manir of good luck.

Salty Pumpkin Studio said...

I am proud of you for sticking with it! Others may benefit as well.