Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Pumpkins Pumpkins Everywhere

Well not everywhere, but just here and there to remind me
that glorious fall has arrived.

and yes, I made most of them, except for the twig ones.

and have taught them and sold them for many years.

This years version looks like this

I'll be making more, so if you're in the Vegas area
and would like a class just let me know.



Constance said...

All of your pumpkins are beautiful. I love your collection of vintage children's clothes. I collect vintage clothing too and it is such such a delight to see how you have displayed yours. Thank you for sharing.

donna baker said...

Love your pumpkins and photos. Fall has FINALLY arrived here too and time to get outside and clean up the gardens. I have no excuse now of being too hot. I am making Hoodoo Haint twig dolls to sell on different sites. I have a cottonwood tree next to the lake that unbeknownst to me has a pentagram running through each twig. Then I read the history of the cottonwood which goes back to the Queen of Sheba and Solomon. Very special tree. I am also selling Balm Of Gilead from it in little glass vials of oils. I've become immersed in the culture.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

You know I love your pumpkins! The ones you made are about the only pumpkins I put out now days. They are gorgeous, stay inside to enjoy and don't rot! Ha! Also once I bought them, no need to spend more each year. Win Win! Hope you are having a good Fall. It's trying to cool off here in GA but now with the hurricane we are getting rain even up this far north! Hugs!

Blondie's Journal said...

I'm not in the Vegas area and I would like to give you some money for a few!! Remember the cute hearts you sent me about 10,000 years ago?

Is it a deal?

Jane x

Kit said...

Love your pumpkins! Looking great! :) Kit