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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

On My MInd

I'm a skeptical gal until I research something,
or until the facts are right smack in my face.

Last year 34 million Americans got the flu,
900,000 were hospitalized, 
and nearly 80,000 died.
As most of you know, the flu,
 on top of a severe bronchial infection
nearly took me out last December
Several ER runs and stays and
4 Urgent Care visits and 10 months 
later we're still working on the damage.

There were 180 pediatric related deaths,
the majority unvaccinated,
 and many were healthy.
Less than 50 % of pregnant women 
get the shot,
and they do not do well
 if they get the flu and the baby 
can have severe lasting issues.

I never ever got the flu and I never got a flu shot.
I never had my kids get shots.


Most insurance gets you the shot for free,
and if not, I know there are free places to go 
like health districts.

I had 0 yes, zippo side effects.
I also never got a pneumonia shot.

Pneumonia landed me in ER last Spring also.
Seriously, how WRONG could I be?

Yep, got that shot also.

I just asked kids to get shots, 
I hope they listen.
It takes 2 weeks to receive fullest protection
and the

If you are over 65 be sure to get the high dose 
vaccine unless your Dr says otherwise,
and of course consult your Dr to be sure 
you can safely get the shot.
There are some who cannot,
so we should protect them from catching it from us!

I had to go to four places until 
I found one that had the high dose,
it's going fast here. They all offered me the lower dose,
which is wrong for me.

It's your social responsibility to get
vaccinated to protect those around you,
family, friends, co-workers, 
young ones in your life, the elderly in your life
and even those already compromised strangers
that you spend 10 seconds near in Target. 

Ok stepping down from my soap box now.
I know that if I had read this last season 
and listened and believed I
might have avoided a lot of trouble and suffering.

If I keep even one of you healthy
it's worth a yawn of a post,
cause I love you guys.



Karen said...

And then there are people like my Dr. who got very very ill from the flu shot, and he no longer gets them. I've not gotten one yet, and I know you feel very strongly that it's the right thing to do, and you could quite possibly be right. Still, given my sensitivity to most meds, etc., I don't want to get one, I worry that it will actually make me sick.

donna baker said...

Suzan, last year was my first flu shot and I've already gotten mine for free at Wal Mart down the street for free. So easy and no problems. I had the Hong Kong flu and was out of it for days and very sick for almost 10 days. Very ill as opposed to a jab. I've had all the pneumonia shots and new two part shingles shots even though I got the first one that wasn't as effective as the new ones. It is ridiculous in this day and age not to unless you are allergic to eggs etc. I am very worried about this new illness hitting kids causing polio like symptoms. I think the virus has morphed. It is a prime example of why we all need vaccinations.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I never got flu shots but then I started visiting my Mom in Oct her birthday month and she would ask me to get a flu shot. So I started and now I get one each year in Oct with my Mom. I know it has helped me. I am around my Grandkids and I don't need to bring home the flu to my 88 year old Mom or me! I believe! Let's hope for a flu free year for both of us!

Sandra said...

Thank you for a strong reminder. I have been off and on about getting my flu shots over the years. I got mine this year and from here on out I intend to get one every year. Many will be encouraged to get their shots because of your testimony.

Lana said...

Z, I still love all of your posts on here. Often I comment, but I get frustrated with myself because I can never remember which password to use to get things posted! It's an eye-roller for me due to my own lack of patience in doing things like this on my Windows 10...which I HATE.
All to say, thank you for the updates and the reminders and yes, I still read your thoughts here in Oklahoma. Hoping to turn this NUTTY state BLUE! And I DO get my flu shot each year... Thanks, Z.
*I've read your blog for years and love keeping up with you. Take care and stay healthy. *Love what you've been doing with your home. Eliminate and simplify!

Colleen MacKinnon; Penny Rugs and More said...

I always get my Flu shot. And I've had the Shingles vaccine. My mom had shingles, I don't ever want them, it's horrible! If you can have the shot have it. I am a big believer in vaccinations. Sad that some parents are not having their children vaccinated. They just don't understand the risks of not doing it. Stay healthy Z!

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

You are right Z but, I had my first flu jab last year , had a severe reaction to it, was at a friends for the night, had severe sickness and diarrhoea, passed out on the toilet and smashed my face on the bathroom wall !!! I am now reluctant to have it this year !! XXXX

Jill said...

I actually think two of my kids have had it (the flu) already so we've been waiting because you don't want to get it while you are sick. It of course may have been the old "common cold" too. So hopefully next week everyone will be ready to get the shot.

Blondie's Journal said...

Thanks for touching on a topic that clearly everyone does not agree on. But you presented a great testimony. I've been getting the flu shot for over ten years. I also get the pneumonia shot every five years. Because I have asthma, bronchitis leads very fast to asthma issues and I've had pneumonia five times, and hospitalized each time.

I still get the flu once or twice a year, but its never as severe as it used to be. And I've never been ill from the shot.

So thats my take. I'm going to ask about that higher dose.


concretenprimroses said...

I've had two jobs that required the flu shot, and it was administered at work. The first I was relatively young, in my thirties, and no problem. Then in my fifties when I worked at a hospital both times my feet swelled up on the BOTTOMS periodically for weeks after the shot making it painful to walk. I did develop allergies when i went through menopause. I won't be getting the flu shot ever again.