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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Howie Versus Squirrel

The squirrel won

Howie and I just returned from CA.
We spent several days visiting
 with the kids and eating wonderful
meals prepared by Ben.
Lot of laughs, a rousing game of Obama Llama;
hilarious fun, and it was 
Stoddards versus non Stoddards.
We crushed em

Howie somehow scratched his eye again.
Infection set in that I saw at 2 am before 
leaving for LA at 3 am.
Run to Hannah's vet as soon as I arrived.
I'd been up for 36 hours and I was babbling.
again- sigh

Many discussions about my future, 
and where to live, move and 
when and how to afford.
It's dizzying and distressing. 

I am thrilled they want me there, 
but it's almost a
frozen with fear thing.

Wishing dozens of times 
that my dad was alive to 
advise me. 

Thursday I get my c-pap mask,
or at least an attempt to 
be fitted for one.
I am 0 and 2 so far.

Did you win the 1.6 billion dollars?
We didn't


donna baker said...

Sounds like you had a good time. Progress in talking about the future. Poor pup. Eye things hurt. I put three different meds in Sister's eyes each day. Can't wait to hear how the cpap works. You can buy eye meds and antibiotics at the pet stores by the way. Just saying.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

No winner here I'm afraid. So glad you got a good visit and lots of fun times. I'm enjoying the cooler weather we are finally having here in GA. Health wise I think things are looking up even if it is slowly! I hope you can live near your children as it's the best think in my life. Hope Howie is feeling better.

Karen said...

Go.. .just do it, Go. I just don't ever think for one minute you will regret the decision to go live near your children. Seriously. I think the prospect of being so far away from them, in a place you don't love at all, is far worse than any scenario, even financially strained or cramped quarters, that involved living near your children in your golden years. Make it work, take the leap - you don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step and GO.

Sherri said...

Poor Howie!! I hope his eye gets better real soon! My dog doesn't like the squirrels either and I think they just tease her to no end!!