Sunday, October 7, 2018

More CHCHCHCHanges

Have nothing in your house that you do not know 
to be useful or believe to be beautiful * William Morris

It is easy to do for me, but so many of you struggle
and I get it, I do. Simplifying is more 
of a psychological challenge than time or physical,
though time and physical sure chime in at these moments.

I sold off several more pieces of furniture and have 
at least two more waiting for a buyer.
The dominoes fall and 
swapping and switching occurs.

For example the white chest by the sofa with 
heart dangling from it, was in the family room
for many years. It held candles and dvds and cds.
None of which should be exposed to heat and cold,
which happens on this porch.

So they all had to be relocated somewhere inside
and things inside then came out to porch.
I filled up 2 more boxes for goodwill
in this process alone. I also ended up with more
empty drawers.

The sisal carpet that was on porch for years had
some damage so I swapped for one 
I used in the studio in garage.
It was smaller which meant I had to really 
scrub around exposed areas that had discolored from
under the larger rug. 

All of this took far longer than normal
as I can only work "heavy" in short
bursts and lots of resting.

Two days later VIOLA!

I need to change out that outdoor light
that hasn't worked in years and then 
that lamp I never liked will go also.
Electricity scares me or I would do it myself.
I used to do wiring with my dad 
but it scared me then too.

Lots of folks will be here for Christmas and
this new arrangement will make dining 
much easier. 

You just gotta dive in,
time is flying by, no more some day 
or laters, we owe it to ourselves
we owe it to our families.

Most of what is happening 
around us is insane and frightening.
All the more reason to make a safe refuge
from the storm.


A couple shots of the porch quite a few years ago.
It looked like a store!


donna baker said...

I have a white dollhouse too. I told you we like the same things. Trouble is, after I sold off all my antiques and collectibles, I replaced some with other stuff.

Karen said...

I love what you create in your living spaces - just beautiful, peaceful - calming. Both the before and the afters!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

It looks wonderful! I'm doing more downsizing as you know. I'm finally ready to let many things go. I'll try to sell the more valuable pottery but so much of the rest can be donated or sold for cheap at a yardsale. As my life gets to be more challenging I long for more simplicity in my home. You, as always, inspire me!

Kit said...

Turn and face the strange...chh chh changes. Love that song. Your place looks good. I get where you're coming from. I went to an estate sale the past two weekends and you would not believe all of the stuff! I hear she owned an antique store. The whole house was full plus 3 large tents. Yikes! I will start working on my attic this week. Now that I'm home, I have the time. :) Kit

Blondie's Journal said...

You did a great job, Z. Everything looks beautiful in full focus, and I think we see more of the interesting pieces when there isn't a lot of clutter. And you really have some cool treasures. I like the bench. I'd like to have one in front of the windows art the lake...they are about 7 feet high and start about 10 inches off the floor. A bench with a few pieces and plants would be gorgeous and not block the view. We currently have a tall round table and two stools. Useless and blocking the view. But hubby and I disagree; it is what it is. Grrrrrr...

Hope you are feeling better. Any progress with your sleep issues?