Thursday, June 17, 2010

Project Genesis

First Steps
First Love
First Kiss
First Dance
First Time to Drive
First Plane Ride

Firsts are Monumental, Big Time Stuff

1st day you quit smoking
1st day of diet
1st day at the gym

Starting July 1st, I am hoping you will join me in Change.
Changing the way we view the world, and the way we live in it.
We all mean to do the right thing for our world, and often do, but we also often don't;
becoming too busy, too distracted.

Every First day of the month I will be posting simple, effective ways to make environmental change, and linking you to others already in action. I want you to join me. I want you to notice the things you do to make the world a better place,
and I want you to notice the things that we all could do in a better way.
I want suggestions and hints that we can share and use to inspire each other.
Project Genesis
Creating Change One Day At A Time.

I'm hoping for great ideas for recycling, softer ways to impact our planet, and paying it forward stories. I have begun my own pay it forward at the market. Every market I frequent has some kind of 99 cent reusable bag for sale. If the person in line behind me does not use bags like this, I ask the clerk to add $2.00 to my tab and then I give the bags
to the customer as "my gift to them".

Now, I know that it is entirely possible that he/she my not use those bags as I intended, but it does give them pause and the person behind them hears it and the clerk hears it, and 50 % of the time a conversation about the environment begins,
and well, it matters to me.

Maybe you recycle socks some terrific way, or have great tricks for urban composting... I want them, I want them all. Simple everyday actions that we all can use. You only need one idea per month, but oh the power of compounding!
One penny doubled every day for 30 days, is worth:

We are all focused on the oil spill, and as horrible as this is, we have been headed down the wrong path for far longer than the past 2 months. We women bloggers know the power of the post and it is faster than the jungle drums
and the party line phones of the 50's.

After each month's Genesis is complete, it will be stored in my sidebar
for easy retrieval and to copy.

I must add one caveat to your participation:
Although you will be linked to your blog, please do not participate if your sole mission is to promote your latest give-away or to garner Followers. I am hoping participation will be for the greater good, because this matters greatly to us all.
I reserve the right to edit participants.

I will post more about this next week, building to the Project Genesis on July 1st.
Any questions please comment or email me.
I sincerely hope you will participate. Blogging has given me many blessings in the form of truly wonderful friends. I want to give back using this same format.
It is simple act, a single first step to change our world.
Turn and look at a child in your life. Take a step.
Please. Join me.


Grab a button for your blog over there----------->

No you are not seeing things. This post was altered because my dear talented friend
Julie of Being Ruby designed this button for me and created a better title.
See what I mean about blessings from blogging?
Julie, you are amazing and I am humbled by your generosity of
spirit and friendship.


the old white house said...

Suzan, Oh I just knew you were an awesome woman and there you go proving it to me! I will definitely be signing up. I do some things, but I know there are so many more ways to help that I haven't thought of, I can't wait to learn more. Thanks, can't wait! Theresa

Anonymous said...

I look forward to joining you!

Razmataz said...

Count me in.


oldgreymare said...

Thanks Guys!

I'm thrilled to have you at the Gathering! I know you will have splendid ideas to share.


erin's art and gardens said...

sooo cool! love this and look forward to it!!

marcia said...

sounds wonderful and inspiring. I;m in !

happy day!

Anonymous said...

As always, another great Suzan idea.
Yes, I actually commented on your blog. Guess that's my FIRST.
Love you, SUE (Your friend, the computer dummy)

oldgreymare said...

More great gals coming along for the ride! Woo Hoo!

Spread the word- button coming soon.

A special congrats to Sue-her first blog comment.


Carole said...

I love this idea....I hope I can come up with some clever ideas for ya.
You put it all so well Suzan just like I knew you would.
YOu're awesome!

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Dear Suzan
All inspired by you my dear!! A great friend and inspiration to us all.... with a heart of gold...

Love your enthusiasm for all you do and I'm sure your project will be a big success.. xx Julie

Unknown said...

Random but I watched a documentary on Hunter S Thompson last night. He said something like this, "We need change now, there has never been a bigger need for change in how we deal with the environment, politics and governing our states." He said that in 1968. I got so frustrated last night. Thinking, nothing has changed it has only gotten worse. That was rapidly followed by, "I'd make a change but no one would notice and it wouldn't make a impact anyway." Here you are today. I guess we can thank Karen of were women create for giving me a smidgen of hope. Of course I'm in.

sharon santoni at my french country home said...

Suzan, This is a great and ambitious idea, I'm definitely going to try and join in, and I look forward to reading other people's good ideas.
Love the button, I'm grabbing it!

Antique ART Garden said...

Saw this on Erin's blog. Great idea, I am also into promoting major moral change in our world. keep up the very good work ! Gina

Beatnheart said...

Hello, I came here via “being Ruby” ..please count me in. This is something I am passionate about...I think the one thing we can do or try our best to do is becoming vegetarian. If you can’t commit it as a permanent change how about one day a week. Animal farming takes a huge toll on our environment, more than most people know. It’s something we can all do, at least for one day , turning hopefully into something more permanent...I have posted your button and am now a follower...yippee for me...I’m your neighbor in California...

Pooch Purple Reign said...

C.O.O.L. awesome, proactive project.
i would love to share and learn.
i have no idea how to "grab a button" tho.... :)
cheers from canada

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Hi Suzan, just found you through Erin. This sounds very inspiring! Looking forward to it.
Wishing you a wonderful Tuesday! xx

Ange said...

This is a fabulous project! Now - do I pop back to Julie's blog to grab your button??

bikim said...

Hi Suzan! found you through Erins'!
Loved the idea! blogs are a world and bet we can do something better if we join forces!!! just got out of detergents and bleach this week! one thing at a time! by the way, we do about 5 to 8kg of non-recicling garbage per week! every single thing is recycled around here! and we're doing that compost thing for almost 10 years so be glad to help you if you !!PLEASE COUNT ME IN! just have no idea on how to grab that button! Please helppppppppppppp!
happy wk,

Aninha said...

Olá, Suzan.
Tenho paixão pelo meio ambiente. Sou uma elemental, apaixonada por tudo o que se refere a natureza.
Que maravilha de projeto, esse seu.
Parabéns. O planeta agradece por você existir.
Um forte abraço.

Diana said...

Please count me in. I have some ideas and can't wait to learn more.
Thank you for this wonderful idea.