Thursday, June 10, 2010

Change your World

In the past week, an important topic has arisen again
for me concerning blogging.

Two wonderful women who normally post about lifestyles, gardening and photography have been profoundly moved and disturbed by the recent oil spill. So much so, that they posted in very heartfelt ways their dismay and concerns.

Chania and Erin both wondered about the response to their posts because they normally have lighthearted blogs that do not cover such serious topics. A while back I had posted that I think we as women bloggers shortchange ourselves and each other by limiting what topics we will and won't discuss. Why does a blog have to be restricted to certain tone and topic? I enjoy the flowers and recipes and antiques with the best of them but I also appreciate a kindred soul giving me a wake up call to issues or sharing an unhappy emotional journey.

Tucked in among the roses are thorns and weeds and disgusting bugs,
but it does not make the garden less beautiful. It's OK to deviate from the norm,
take the road less traveled and see where it leads. Just as in life, some days
you are preparing a lovely dinner or luxuriating in the garden,
some days you are clearing the sink trap and scrubbing toilets.

Please visit these two gals, they have important things to show you; they will remind you, just for the moment, about important lessons, and hopefully inspire you to become involved and affect change of your own.

What is important in your view of the world? You are not all about just one thing. You are not just a _______ fill in the blank. Not just a Mom, shop owner, student, wife, career professional, teacher or anything else. At our very core women are natural born multi-taskers. Shouldn't we also multi purpose our blogs at least occasionally? One gal wrote to me the last time I dared discuss this topic with " I come to blogs for retreat from the world, I don't want to hear about anything serious." hmmmmmm.

The world is a wonderful, glorious place. It is also a serious place that we need to care for and protect. One small change from you can change your world,
can change our world.

Next week I am going to announce a change in my blog that all of you can participate in, and I certainly hope you will. The posts of these two gals jump started ideas for me and I will make changes, and maybe you can make changes, and all of us will impact on each other and the ripples and the waves will go forth reminding us of our beautiful oceans in so much peril.

Do something brave today- change your world.



marcia said...

I agree with you. ALL of life is related and interconnected and we need to be aware of it all. What is that saying *we are all threads in the fabric of life*

.. and each part of life is important...the good and the unpleasant.

erin's art and gardens said...

oh sweet Z...i am humbled. i am touched. i am honored.... i was digging in the dirt today at a client's home. covered in sweat and mud, and bug spray and sun sreen, doogie doo stuck to my boot, feeling battered and bruised from hard laborious work, feeling sluggish from the heat and oppressive air, wanting to quit, questioning why i do this work.....when suddenly, i was startled by a quick moving snake inches from my gloved adrenaline kicked back in. i recharged. i stood up. i laughed and looked around at all the beauty of this wonderful garden and realized it is worth all the struggle.

thank you my friend,

Razmataz said...

I agree with you. I don't want to be only a voice for fluff and frivolity. Blogging needs to be authentic and that includes the good, the bad and the ugly.

One of the most moving posts I ever read was from a woman who open up (an I mean laid it on the table) about a period of her life that was very dark. Because of waht she wrote, I was able to help someone else in a similar position.

Now that is an authentic, real blogger.

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

I am 100% in your corner...I have been posting about some things that are not a pleasant part of the life for some time....take it or leave's up to the reader.
But you are so RIGHT, we women have SO much on our minds and hearts..and if we don't express ourselves in our blogs or whereever...we will EXPLODE from trying to "stuff and store" it all

Enough said from me for right now...If I can find your email addy, I will leave mine on it.

Your truly,


Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...



north pal said...

i'm sorry,everything cannot be about the pretty things. you have to take the good with the bad. that's just way it is. my hubby says,"they can go to the moon and do experiments up there and come back. but, they cannot stop an oil leak. Bestest,Denise

Anonymous said...

Hi Suzan,

I visit Erin often and I also just visited Chania's blog and left a comment there.

I agree with what you have shared. We should be talking (blogging) as sisters - sharing openly and honestly.

My husband & I had the opportunity to build a house ourselves. Total cost of the house, a shed, the off-grid electrical system, a cistern & septic system = $42K. We incorporated many green technologies as we built. Living off-grid begins with examining what we are using and what we really need - which is a good way for anyone to reduce costs & usage waste whether they are off-grid or not. When we use less, there is less demand for more oil. When we speak up, we can move energy in the direction of clean, reusable sources.

Unfortunately, when I blog "green ideas", people leave comments with excuses as to why they cannot participate in ideas like downsizing or making green choices. So, the only thing I know to do is to share how I live & include gentle green thoughts.

It shouldn't take a disaster and devasting after-the-fact results to wake people up!

I look forward to reading about the changes in your blog.


Carole said...

You go girl! YOu are exactly what some of these fluffy blogs need. Ok I'll behave! lol
I like escape too but I like to stretch my mind a little too...but I guess to each his own. Hey there's that little X button on the top right? Ok I can't seem to hehave and plus I'd better get's already 11:30 uggh
Love soon!
can't wait to see what you talk about next time!

Natasha in Oz said...

I totally agree. I will definitely have a look at what these women have to say. I haven't voiced my opinion on anything on my blog as I use it as a refuge because I often have to air my opinions to my students and my own children! Having said that,my 13 year old daughter has just started a blog and she recently wrote about graffiti and she was quite passionate about it-I am so proud of her!

Thanks for this great post!

Best wishes,