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Friday, April 16, 2010

They Got Me

They got me.
Over several years I watched and listened with interest
and great admiration at all the creations that came
forth from their studios.
I bought a few beads and trinkets here and there over the years,
but proudly maintained my single shelf of bead paraphernalia,
vowing never to start another hobby.
I occasionally produced a pair of earrings here and there,
a necklace for darling daughter, but nothing of note.

I don't know what happened.
I was invited to a a gathering of the evil bunch to create
that bird necklace remember that? It was fun and we ate after.

Shortly after that, there was a glass and bead show in town.
I attended, spent a considerable amount and we ate after.
It was loads of fun.

A couple nights ago, another impromptu gathering of the devils
and they worked on bracelets and I worked on these three.
We ate while we worked.
Now, understand these gals are true artisans, real designers,
their stuff is PHD level and I'm in pre-K.


They got me.

I also never showed you my finished bird necklace.
Not as involved as Heather's original design, or Jan's
version, but remember I'm a newbie

Now they're telling me about the great bead show in June.
They're evil I tell you, evil...but they've got me.
Sarah, Heather, Jan, Suzie, even you Tanya.
Lead me where you may, just be sure we
get to eat after.


Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hey Suzan
Love that necklace.. you are a clever girl.. and love the starburst pearl? in the middle... just lovely...

You know I imagine it is a lot of fun working with these beads.. and chatting to friends.. and of course.. eating.. hahaha... They got you!!! thanks for showing us these lovelies... xxx Julie

Karmen said...

Such beautiful pieces! Karmen

Unknown said...

Your necklace is beautiful.
You will be great at jewelry making, I love your style.

Heather said...

Suzan... I really think you've been a closet beader for a long time to produce such beautiful pieces so soon into your obsession. They're very gorgeous! The definition of a "newbie" just changed a little I think.

Faded Charm said...

Your necklaces look wonderful. Don't sell yourself short, you are a true artist. I love everything you create.

Hope you have time to enjoy your garden this weekend.

Take care,


Carole said...

You are one talented know that I hope.
I think your friends obviously knew that you would excel at this craft too.
The necklaces you made are gorgeous. You should sell them...really!
Hope you had a nice weekend. It was cold here.
Will try to email you in the week.
Big order coming in tomorrow. Tons of things to move around tonight. uggh!

Loved this post. Miss you!

sharon santoni at my french country home said...

Just found you thanks to Julie's tag. I see I am in very good company - beautiful blog, love your necklaces, but especially love the water under the bridge text.
I became a follower

Tanya said...

Muahahahahaha - welcome to the dark side! These ROCK! I don't think the term is Newbie in your case, but "Ringer"!

Had a horrible bout of Vertigo (Meniere's) the past two days, or I would have found these sooner. B-E-A-YOUUUUUUUUUUUUTIFUL!

the old white house said...

OHHHHHH these are fabulous!!! If you are pre-k then I'm not sure what class I would fit into! I love them, you must look amazing wearing them around town! Theresa

June said...

Suzan they certainly did get you! I for one am glad they did too, so we could see this beautiful creation of yours. I really do love everything about it. I know you think it is pre-K, but I think it is PRIMO! It's beautiful!