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Friday, April 2, 2010

In my Garden

Wishing a safe and Happy Easter to everyone!

My friend Julie did the first photo for me. Is that the coolest or what?
What a sweet, wonderful and talented gal.
I ADORE her blog. Go see it here
. Right now!

My cup truly runneth over. Look at this one!
I am bouncing in my chair I'm so excited!
I have to learn how to do this or maybe I'll just send all
my Pics to Julie for her MAGIC touch

Julie, thank you so much, I am thrilled!


Sarah said...

I think a garden party is in order!!!

Julie@beingRUBY said...

How beautiful Suzan
I'll be coming back to look at these when winter sets in here.. the rose are just glorious... soft pretty pastels.. Have a great Easter.. xx Julie

June said...

And I am lovin' it! Suzan could you tell me the name of the yellow rose? Is it Persian Yellow! It is gorgeous!

joanne said...

Look at all the pretties you have...just beautiful! Have a Blessed Easter...j

Unknown said...

I just love your whole blog.
All the bird houses lining the walk, wonderful.

Your roses are just over the top beautiful