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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Must Be the Rain

There is a large birdhouse trellis under there.
Can you see it?

These little white charmers are new this year.
They seem to like their new home.

New cilantro and parsley garden being invaded

In 2 months this baby will be over 4 ft high and equally wide.

Love the metals in the garden

Roses hidden in the shadows. So much foliage this year.
We've had a full year's worth of rain in 3 months.

Dozens of these babies ready to burst into bloom

I have been blogging frequently about the garden this year, much to my surprise.
I don't think of myself as a gardener, though I've always tinkered.
( and cruelly sacrificed many a plant in my day)

But lately everything is doing so well; the deep greens, glossy leaves,
larger and fuller blooms are everywhere.Perhaps the grass that I recently removed,
absorbed too much water all those years and starved all the other plants.
Something has changed, because I can still be neglectful.

It must be the rain.


Victoria said...

Beautiful will be a treat to see when they all open! Fabulous post! Lovely birdhouses...super charming!

Tanya said...

This back yard is SO beautiful...people who don't live here in the ugly brown Vegas desert, really can't grasp how wonderfully special this is, I don't think. Tanya

Carole said...

You would never know you lived in Las looks so lush. Rain can do wonders. I love the bacopa planted in the ground. It might be perennial there.
Your photos are really wonderful...are you doing something different?

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Dear Suzan
I do agree with Carole.. your photos are wonderful.. and again I love the rose photos.. those simple blooms against the backdrop of greenery.....

Well I think you garden looks like an enchanted hideaway.... somewhere to relax and de-stress... I'll be right over.. haha

Take care xxx Julie