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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Talented Ladies

Ask and ye shall receive.

The first photos to arrive were these adorable cakes by Kristin Carns. Kristin has plans to start baking some of her smaller, flavored bundt cakes and selling them through a local bakery. As soon as she can figure out the child care. ( 5 boys under 11) Unfortunately we cannot enjoy her cakes because she lives in Idaho. It just might be worth the trip...

Next arrived these home studio and necklace photos from Sarah Stoddard
Her studio is so sparkly and pretty, all soft blues and greens. This is just a tease of how lovely it is. Sarah even has her Mom's crystal chandelier in there!

The necklaces were designed by Sarah and beautifully created with vintage pieces. Each one is different but with the same birds nest theme. I also own one that I received as a gift last year. Everywhere I wear it, I am stopped by someone and asked where I got it and how they can get one. Yes, you can contact her about one for you.

Thank you so much my dear friends for sharing these photos and inspiration with oldgreymare.

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