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Sunday, April 26, 2009

NYU it is!

NYU will be her home for the next four years.

After days and days of contemplation and a few worries, fears and tears, NYU it is! We just had a celebratory dinner at Cheesecake Factory and even had a cheesecake that said Congratulations!

Hannah is exhausted from thinking so hard, and just went upstairs for a nap. I'm still in shock and trying to grasp the concept of her living so far away. Empty nest, oh my! More like a deep, black undulating cavernous hole of darkness! Does that convey it accurately?

I think I also need a nap, as I am shaken by the knowledge that my kids could not live farther apart even if that had been a deliberate consideration. My brother and I both attended college just 2 hours north from home. We came home on weekends. He hitched most times! I dated a guy from home for 2 years. Things sure are different......

that just does not express the feelings today.....
holy shit! now, that's a mite better..can you see my head shaking to and fro?
time to order t-shirts

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Kristin Carns said...

Congratulations Hannah!!!! Suzan, you must be sooo proud! Good job on raising such wonderful kids...