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Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Arrived home last evening from Portland. It is good to be home with Hannah. I miss Ben. I love Portland.

It was a wonderful trip. Fabulous, fabulous food, and hopefully walking about 5 hours each day, I walked some of the damage back off. Fresh delicata squash salad, pork roulade at Evoe, chicken and dumplings and butter biscuits at Mothers, gorgonzola cheesecake appetizer, steelhead salmon, pot roast at Paragon....oh my! Lots and lots of Oregon wine for Miranda and me and Ben enjoyed many micro brews.

The lovely Vintage Plaza Hotel is downtown and two blocks from Tr-Met, so easy to move about the city. Every evening was wine tasting from 5-6 pm and we were there every evening, before striking out into the city. I discovered a great Sicilian Pinot. Amazing how everyone chatted, reaching out in kindness and friendship.

View from room

Saturday evening we went to Miranda's play, Freakshow, what fun! Miranda acts, directs, writes, books talent, she is a whirlwind of creativity and she loves my son. I am blessed to have spent so many hours this trip getting to know and love her. Miranda made sure I got to bring home some delicious Stumpotown coffee from Backspace, (just one of the places she works) a mug-full I am enjoying now.

The kids and I took the max up (really up!) to Washington Park. I oohed and aahed till I was sick of me.

The light at the end of the tunnel...

tour guides


Mt St Helens

In the park....

Things that made me smile

need I say anything?

to the park!

sigh. far as I'm concerned, it was perfect. sigh

On the home front, computer is going back for repairs at Apple so call instead of email for the next few days. Car in for smog check, and broken sprinklers in front yard. Welcome home.

Happy Earth Day! Recycle. Shut off those lights and air. Throw back the drapes and open the windows. It is shameful how little we do here compared to Portland. I had recycling bins in my room and public toilets have up and down flush, for well, you know......

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