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Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Last winter I was unable to prune my roses on time or properly and this summer they look better and are healthier than ever! Go figure.

Right in front of this vignette is where I plan to put my new brick patio.
Wish I could wash the whole yard in sepia. If I could do that I would also set life to music like a movie soundtrack. What a way to underscore our highs and lows eh?

I spent the day mopping floors and trying to rearrange the living room. Justice and Howie are ruining the chairs in there by rubbing up against them all the time, so I thought if I rearranged the room, they would stop. After much furniture pushing and pulling, everything is right back where it was. I had pulled the high backs and the square table into the room , but the backs of the chairs look too bad even after cleaning them today. The room is so long and narrow my options are very limited. Guess I need someone's house other than mine to rearrange.

oops, just realized the linen sheers are missing. They are still in the wash!

Frustrated, I then started a new display on the newly relocated chest on the landing. Here is the beginning but I will be adding more. I'll post final pics soon. I like the idea of the summer theme, and that vintage hat is oh so darling. (sorry Sue, I still want it, but your name is on it...DIBS!)

Good old summertime.

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