Sunday, May 22, 2022

The weekend

Roasted goodness on Saturday- 
broccolini, tri color peppers, zucchini, multi colored carrots

Roasted veggies added to multi kales, raw cauliflower, radicchio
and topped with dried pear, pistachios and ginger dressing.
Delicious and have enough leftover for Sunday 

When the fan blowing on his mama gets to be too much,
Walter retreats to the floor directly below her on the couch 
and promptly tucks his head under as best he can. 

The heat is upon us and I will be hibernating again soon.
Some of my garden is already struggling, and I am forced
to evaluate the logic of it all; as watering more each day during a drought
to get fresh vegetables, does not balance well against the cost nor the
conservation. Sigh
I rationalize that it is keeping me sane in an insane world.
I will try today to salvage what I can,
by relocating a few items.

The first to go were the cilantro and my sunflowers,
Oh how I tried.
These beauties soften the blow

Also finished up the knob exchange
Loving it



TheCrankyCrow said...

I can't imagine that kind of heat. I mean I REALLY can't imagine that kind of heat. We were down to 34º last night...and didn't make it to 60º today. With the wind, it felt closer to the high 40's. I am not even tempted to think about flowers. I did plant my little (very) little, herb patch (my son's old sandbox) a few days back, but haven't bothered to even water them. It's too cold for them to need much of anything. Love the new knobs/pulls. They are similar to the ones I used at the lake. Your salad sounds I've forgotten what it is like to eat even remotely healthy. I have a batch of Bath Buns rising now...almost ready for the, I'm thinking those, topped with some tangerine marmalade, will be dinner. Hey...tangerines are a fruit ya know! ~Robin~

Salty Pumpkin Studio said...

The new knobs are classy.
Praying for reasonable rain to end the drought. The drought becomes more real knowing folks have to make decisions about what to garden.
Reusing mild soapy water, I remember years ago doing that when on limit water use in another state.