Thursday, May 12, 2022

Making Do - Not Buying New

I made these baskets decades ago and couldn't bear to paint, so I rarely used.
Then years ago, I painted them white, in my all white phase,
and they did get used a lot.

When I tired of the all white, they were stored on top of the garage fridge.
I wish I had just stained them from the get go.

Last night I gathered some very old gunky paint and then waxed 
over all with brown. I will re-do the yellow soon making it darker,
or even painting it a dark gray.
I was just using what I had.

I wanted to store them "in use",
so they landed atop the cupboard in the family room.
I brought down from the studio jars of vintage buttons
and re-styled a bit.

You can bet I'll be painting those grey corner brackets soon.

1 comment:

TheCrankyCrow said...

A mare of many, many, talents indeed. Those baskets are fantastic!! In all their "lives" LOL although I am partial to their current reincarnations. ~Robin~ (Holy buttons! LOL)