Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Don't Just Sit There

Don't just sit there
Experiment, Change, Ponder
I have been unhappy with the 
white knobs in my kitchen for a long time.
Every time I priced in stores and such, I quickly decided
now is not the time $$$
Sunday I checked Amazon and for under 30
 I got 25 knobs and 4 pulls (those are yet to be installed), 
as I have to make template and drill.
They arrived Monday and that night I changed out the 23 knobs .
I had dr appt Tuesday ( good news there) and other errands, so I'll do pulls today.
I am very pleased with the quality and the price!

In case you don't recall here is a bad photo of the before.
Bad in many ways beyond blurry.  Boy I used to clutter up the counter,
and yes, that is a lighter green on the before cabinets.
They are now a much calmer grey green. 

Every day I try to do a couple projects off of my to do list.
Each day always includes purging.
I am running in the opposite direction of many 
of my friends who continue to add and collect.
I have filled two more bins in the garage
for a "maybe" fall sale at a friends or I will get tired of 
the bins and just donate it all.

I do occasionally send out to my local e-mail list
items I am currently selling. There are a few out of state gals on there also.
The gals just buy from me that way.
If any of you are interested in seeing what I'm selling send me
your email and I'll add you onto the list.
With most of you out of state, perhaps only the small things 
will work for you, but who knows?
I am selling lots of jewelry soon - and beads and findings.

Anyhoot- don't let the size of a project stop you.
Just start some where - anywhere.
Even if you just clean out two pantry or fridge shelves.
In a couple days it'll be finished.
Sweep out 1/2 of the garage, wash off one sidewalk or porch. 
Repot one plant. 
Throw out old makeup, unworn shoes.
Life is short-do your chores and then go live a little .

Anyone else sobbing every Tuesday night to This Is Us?
I have a friend across town who watches,
and we count tissues used, and text at commercials.  




Jean Bee said...

I love the gray green color..what brand/name is it? Thank you.

TheCrankyCrow said...

The knob transformation is brilliant! And ouch on the counter clutter....I'm still there. 😬 I was going to send you my email addy to be added to your "what you're selling" list but, yikes...maybe that's not a good idea?? But, hey....I did sweep out 1/2 the garage...well, more like 3/4ths of a half??? There was "stuff" in the other quarter. ~Robin~

Salty Pumpkin Studio said...

Fabulous difference. The white knobs made me look away after seeing th we new ones.
Good advice. Finishing a task can be a super mood lifting experience.

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

What a great job you have done Z ....... I'm doing the same re decluttering. It's so satisfying isn't it ? XXXX

mary scott said...

Motivating words! I tell myself I need to finish my list of projects before Labor Day. I want to enjoy fall and December with football season and the holidays and better (cooler) weather without projects. I finished 2 this week: one inside, one outside while we had cooler temps. I've started on cleaning out my closet. Keep providing us with DON'T JUST SIT THERE POSTS here & on IG please. Thanks