Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Tweak Not Twerk Nor Twitter

I looked at prior photo in post and thought
It's OK...

but this is better. 

I kept everything from before
and just added some shapes and color.
Tweaked it

 A couple days after my changes and I love the room
more every time I walk thru.

Change is good baby
Lighten your load

To help you decide
about your spaces I recommend
taking photos. 
What doesn't fit or is "off"
will be glaringly obvious.

And as for Twitter
I never did it
and after #45 I never will.


Colleen MacKinnon; Penny Rugs and More said...

Gorgeous and a great tip! You are really talented and I am grateful for all your help and advice.

susan hemann said...

Lovely box! I too have been downsizing. I love my antiques and collections but it all seems too much.
I no longer wish to spend my time cleaning. Also, it is calming with less visual stimulation.

Kit said...

Looks vunderful!! I tried tweeting once and then thought, "This is so stupid!" And stopped. No wonder, he who shall not be named loves it. Stupid loves stupid. 😊 Kit

Karen said...

Love it!... and I did join twitter, but I dont' use it. And after 45 - twitter should not be available for anyone in the oval office. Awful awful abuse of a platform.