Monday, October 7, 2019

The Worst Is Over

...and we all survived.
It nearly took a village to get
through it all but it's now in the past and
I'm moving forward.

We shot these quickly for the ad before 
we had all the furniture out on the front yard. 
Obviously so much more as we nearly hit the $3,000 mark.
We may hit it as just now a gal 
wrote from the craigs list and may come
for FP toys.

We had a preview for invited guests Friday 
night as usual and then decided to put up a couple
signs by the entrance and we nabbed a few more shoppers.

Tidied up a bit, closed the door and tried to sleep
and raised the garage door at 6:30 to waiting folks.
Hauled out everything stacked in 
the back yard and living room
and fired the starter pistol.

By 3 we were winding down
 and kids convinced me to
 do 8-10 Sunday morning, something I never do. 
Slashed prices and Hannah bless her heart went back out
and modified signs.

Glad I did as we were able to give some children
2 train sets that had them beaming.

Meanwhile, through it all Howie 
was vomiting his medicine off and on for three days 
and also the stress of all the people and cousin dog Tubs.

AND Hannah had her HS reunion squeezed in there,
along with renting a truck to 
take some furniture back to CA. 

My daughter to be, and daughter were doing dishes
 non stop and cleaning up. Ben was feeding us
 and doing some home repair for me.
It really was a 3 day frenzy.

Many friends stopped by to say hello
and shop and ask "where are you going?"

My love and gratitude to my three blessings
DD and DS and DD2 for 
always being there for me.

To Annie, Sue and Pam :
Could not have managed without you.
Thank you so very much.

I have some vintage toys left including both 
American Girl Dolls and one overstuffed chair.
Two carloads full to the roof to donation.
One carload to the roof to library.
(took them three trips to get into library with huge cart).

DD2 cooked some lean burger and rice for Howie
and he has not vomited since, and this will
be a lifesaver if it helps him recover
from this infection.

Whew! right?

Now phase two. 
Is there any way I can stay in house? 
Move to Ca? When to sell? How to sell?
Where to rent? What can I afford?
and what the hell is wrong with my health?

Today is more sleep and slowly putting
garage back together and then I am going
 to sew and craft for days and days.

Ben will now have time to get 
my beautiful new website tweaked so that I can sell
again and it's a brave new world..
If we survive the election.

I love the folks who populate my world
including all of you.
Those I've emailed with for a decade and those
who just follow along unknown to me.

Blogging has been a gift.
Thank you for sharing your lives with me.
 I wish I could have you all over for lunch.

With much love



Judy said...

Are you still selling the dolls? What would you want for either one. Thanks

Karen said...

OOh, so many beautiful things! Glad the sale went well... and what a busy weekend! WE WILL SURVIVE THE ELECTION! Hopefully, the IMPEACHMENT FIRST.

I look forward to reading about your new adventures :-) and buying from your new website!

Kit said...

Wow!! You did it and lived to tell the story. 😊 Your kids are a godsend. It must feel strange and you have more to think about, but this part is over. Good. All things will happen in the right time. Rest up for the next phase. Take care, Kit

Rebecca said...

Hey Z
Thanks for stopping by... I’m getting deja vu reading your post... my life 3 years ago. I had people take numbers and over 600 people a day went through the house and studio... I lived through it with the help of family and friends you will too! Sending love your way as I know it’s not easy

Jill said...

That's great that you are going to be selling online. I keep thinking I may try that way again. But boy that has changed a lot just like everything else.